100pc waiver in class XI admission fees demanded

In Noakhali, it has been demanded that the cost of admission of class XI and the one-year salary allowance of all educational institutions should be borne by the government. 

The Socialist Student Front made the demand at a human chain programme in front of Noakhali Press Club at 11:30 am on Wednesday. Kazi Zahir Uddin, district convener of the student front, Zahirul Haque Faisal, general secretary and Mahidul Islam Daud, a member of the student front, spoke on the occasion.

The speakers said that the whole world is in turmoil; on the other hand, floods have been added to Bangladesh. Low-income people are the most affected by the floods. Most of the people in the country are farmers and workers. 

Therefore, it was demanded that the government should bear the current admission fee of class XI and one year salary allowance of all educational institutions. Or the future of at least 2 crore students will be uncertain.