100pc population under electricity coverage

Ensure environment- friendly energy production

Published : 20 Mar 2022 08:50 PM

With the inauguration of 1,320 MW Payra Coal Power Plant today Bangladesh has become the country with 100 percent electricity coverage in South Asia. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is set to announce 100 percent electrification across the country through the inauguration of 1,320 MW Payra Coal Power Plant today. 

The government had set a target of 100 percent electrification across the country to mark the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It has kept its promises as country’s power sector has achieved unprecedented success in the last thirteen years because of Sheikh Hasina’s visionary, courageous and timely decision and steps as well.

We highly applaud the prime minister for her government’s tremendous success in ensuring electricity in all parts, including the remotest areas of the country within an era. All chars and remote areas of the country have also been brought under electricity access.

Power supply to remote villages is contributing to

 flourishing cottage, small, 

medium and large scale enterprises

and industries boosting rural economy

As the power sector plans are being implemented successfully, Bangladesh will become a developed and prosperous country by 2041. The power generation capacity has increased more than 5 times; (4,942 MW in January 2009, 25,514 MW till February 2022) (including captive and renewable energy), 1160 MW electricity is being imported and 19,626 MW power is being added to the national grid.

Plans have been made to export surplus power during winter and off-peak hours. A total of 5,213 circuit kilometers of transmission lines have been constructed and a total of 3, 61,000 kilometers of distribution lines have been constructed. 

The government has successfully installed over 63 lakh solar home systems. Digital process has been introduced through introduction of online-based software for e-tendering, e-filing and coordination meetings. The power sector has been playing an important role in sustainable development and economic growth.

Country’s every corner is now being illuminated by electricity while people living there are enjoying town facilities through electrification. Earlier, it was very difficult for the country’s remote people to go outside the house at night as there was no electricity connection there. But now, they can easily move outside to meet their necessities while their children can continue studies till late night. 

Power supply to remote villages is also contributing to flourishing cottage, small, medium and large scale enterprises and industries boosting rural economy. We can say Bangladesh country is moving forward and it has become a country with self-respect in the world holding our heads high.  Therefore, the government should complete the unfinished work of Bangabandhu by resisting all conspiracies of anti-liberation communal groups and anti-development and anti-democratic forces.