100 students face uncertain future

Published : 20 Feb 2024 09:08 PM

We are gravely concerned over the future of as many as 100 students who failed to get enrolled in class six at different secondary schools in Tentulia in Panchgarh district. Bangladesh Post on Tuesday ran a story headlined ‘Many students fail to get enrolled in class VI in Tentulia’ detailing why the students have failed to get enrolled in Class six.

According to the new education policy, no school is allowed to admit more than 55 students in class VI. If the school authorities want to admit more than 55 students in class VI, they will have to open new section with the required number of teachers.

But most of the schools in Tentulia do not have either additional sections or sufficient teachers. According to the headmasters of many local schools, usually 100 to 150 students who passed class V had applied for admission in class VI. From those applicants, 55 students got enrolled in class six in a secondary school through lotteries. So, the rest of the students remain out of study because of non-availability of seats. The students have fallen into deep frustration after failing to get a proper response from the local administration. However, no one has assured them of continuation of their study yet.  

This ongoing situation has left students and parents in a state of uncertainty. The government wants to make the people’s life beautiful and dignified so they can be able to move with their head high in the world. 

Students have fallen into deep

 frustration after failing to get 

a proper response from the local 


But it is not possible to eliminate poverty and get a beautiful lifestyle without development of education. So, the lawmakers, other public representatives and local administration will have to work together and extend their all-out spontaneous support to the high school authorities to open new section immediately for the sake of schooling of students and recruit teachers. Spending money on education sector is a great investment for the future. We believe spending money on education as not an expense rather an investment. We draw the ministry’s attention in this regard.

We think a comprehensive effort of all concerned only can stop dropout from school for ensuring normal educational life of children for their proper development. The government should formulate and implement a suitable action plan to this end as early as possible.

Spending money on education means building the future generation which will be helpful to make the country a ‘Golden Bengal’. The students will help continue the country's march forward initiated by the government. 

Therefore, the government must recruit more teachers for secondary schools and open additional sections to the institutions to make sure the country never steps back.