10 day short film festival at NSU

The NSU International Short Film Festival is being organized by North South University's Cine & Drama Club. The festival will begin on February 17th. In addition to workshops, master classes and seminars there will be discussion events with actors. Many of Bangladesh's film actors will be present at the discussion events.

To this end, the collection of short film submissions has been started from January 20th by various university students from across the country and abroad. The submissions will be taken until January 30th. Short films can be submitted this link to participate in the event. https://www.facebook.com/ nsucdc/

‘We have promoted this short film festival internationally,’ said Debangshu Pallab, president of North South University's Cine & Drama Club. ‘Students from various universities from across the country and abroad are submitting their short films. In the meantime, short films have been submitted from about 15 universities. In order to standardize the festival, the quality of films submitted will be viewed by eminent judges from across the country and from abroad. And the best movie will be honored.’

There will be various workshops on films throughout the event. Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, Rashed Zaman, Samir Ahmed, Zahidur Rahim Anjan and many others will be conducting the workshop. In addition to this, there will be arrangements for movie screenings. Actor Fazlur Rahman Babu, Tareque Anam Khan, Shatabdi Wadud, Arefin Shuvo, actress Ashna Habib Bhabana, Shabnam Faria, Orchita Sporshia are among the ambassadors of this festival.