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1.78 lakh city dwellers jabbed in 3-day drive

Published : 26 Nov 2021 10:02 PM

The three day ward-based vaccination drive conducted by the two city corporations around the capital has successfully jabbed a total of 177,919 people with the first dose of AstraZeneca.

Both Dhaka North and South City corporation officials confirmed to Bangladesh Post that a total of 74,290 people in the north and 103629 people in the south have received the first dose between Tuesday and Thursday.

A total of 35,716 men in the North and 50,873 men in the South were successfully vaccinated during this time. The numbers of women were 67,913 and 52,765 of North and South respectively. 

DNCC Deputy Chief Health Officer Golam Mostafa Sarwar told Bangladesh Post that the drive had been successfully conducted and its purpose is to make it easier for everyone to access the vaccine.

“People who registered but did not receive the message, people who had difficulty registering; anyone who is eligible for a dose is being given the dose,” he said.

He added that the Covid-19 situation in the country has dramatically improved and the vaccine programs had a big hand to play in this development. 

Dr. Fazle Shamsul Kabir, DSCC’s Chief Health Officer told this correspondent that it is commendable of how the ward councilors showcased their effort to work for the underprivileged during the drive.

“The numbers are not insignificant. It was a successful drive and a large number of people benefited from this, especially the poor unprivileged people. We have the set up and we can conduct such a drive again as we had done earlier as well during the PM’s birth anniversary,” he said.

Officials confirmed that a similar drive will be conducted with the efforts of all when the second dose of vaccination has to be provided to the people.