1,597 polling centers ‘risky’

Law enforcement agencies has identified 1,597 risky polling stations in Dhaka North and South City. Of these, 876 are in the north of Dhaka and 721 in the south. 

An additional two members of the security forces will be deployed at the polling stations at risk. There will be 18 members at risk centers and 16 members in general centers.

According to EC sources, 876 out of 1,318 polling centers in the north are risky (important). The remaining 442 centers are declared normal.

Returning officer of the North City Corporation Abdul Abul Kashem said, there are 876 important (risky) centers in North City. Additional focus will be on these centers.

Election Commission (EC) has declared 721 important centers and 429 general centers out of a total of 1,150 centers in the southern part of the city.

Returning Officer of South City Corporation Abdul Baten said, the important centers in the south were 721 and the general centers 429. As the days moving towards to the elections, numbers of risk center has increased.