1,500 pry teachers’ job nationalised

The jobs of some 1,500 teachers in 291 primary schools are going to be nationalised by the end of this month.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is likely to issue a notification declaring those teachers as government primary school teachers before the end of August.

Additional secretary of the ministry, Badrul Hasan Chowdhury said, “A draft list of the teachers for nationalization has been finalized through a primary scrutiny during last few months. But the work has not yet been completed due to various reasons. A special meeting will be held in the ministry on August 28 and the final decision will be known shortly thereafter.”

The secretary said that the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education collected information on thousands of primary teachers for the purpose. About 1,500 teachers have been selected from there. Due to various departmental complaints and civil and criminal cases, several hundred teachers have been dropped from the list.

Ministry sources said, according to the Prime Minister's directive given in 2013, registered and MPO affiliated 26,193 teachers have been brought under government services following due procedure. At the same time, 2,310 schools in the hilly districts were also nationalized.

In the third phase, 549 schools were nationalized across the country, but due to various complexities, the teachers of 291 schools could not be co-opted as government primary teachers. As a result, the process was halted for about 1,500 teachers..

Being government primary school teachers, they will be added to the government pay scale announced in 2014.

Meanwhile, the jobs of more than ten thousand teachers, primary as well as newly-announced government colleges, are being nationalized this year. According to Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education sources, the jobs of more than 10 thousand teachers out of the nearly 18,000 in 303 colleges will be nationalized before the end of this year.