1.3 lakh tonnes of eggplant likely to be produced in Jhenaidah this year

Published : 14 Feb 2024 08:19 PM

The farmers in Jhenaidah have already prepared their lands to produce the Rabi season egg plants, better known as brinzal on a total of 4,200 hectares of land. They are going to harvest about 113,400 tons of the vegetables at the rate of 27 tones on each hectare. They had harvested 102,043 tons of the vegetables on their 4,029 hectares of land in six upazilas of the district last year. Said the sources at the office of the deputy director of the department of agricultural extension (DAE) in Khamarbari of Jhenaidah.

Farmer Nazmul Hussain, 50, of village Ratanpur in Mirzapur union in Shailkupa of Jhenaidah when contacted said he has been cultivating Iret variety of brinzal on his six decimals of land in the Rabi Season. He was expecting an amount of Taka 85 to 90 thousand in next six months from the sale proceeds. He will have to spend Taka 30 thousand totally for plants, fertilizer, pesticides, irrigation and day labourer during the farming. Here he might earn Taaka at least 50 thousand from the vegetables.

Nazmul Hussain said, the farmers like him had sold the brinzal from the same area for Taka 50 thousand, the figure might be double this year when there was crisis of vegetables in the district along with surrounding. Although the area vegetables farming was reducing in the district due to price hike of pesticides, fertilizer and other agricultural inputs in the market, the area of brinzal farming was expanding gradually witnessing the better prices of the crop now days, he said. 

According to the DAE sources, the farmers of Jhenaidah sadar, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur, bordering Moheshpur, Shailkupa and Harinakundu had produced 102,043 tons of brinzal on 4,029 hectares of land in the last season where they got the yield for 25.32 tones on each hectare.

DAE deputy director in Jhenaidah Asgar Ali when contacted said the farmers are going to harvest better this year as the price and demand both were more. It will benefit the farmers.