1.2 lakh-tonne goods imported by rail thru Benapole in 4 months

Published : 22 Nov 2021 09:54 PM

About 1.2 lakh Metric Tonnes (MT) of good of different types have been imported through Jashore’s Benapole land port in the last 4 months. The railway authorities have earned Tk 8.26 crore as railway fare from this import business.

According to Benapole Railway sources, the railways earned the money by transporting goods from India through Benapole port between the months of July to October this year.

Imported products included garm­ents, onion, ginger, chilli, turmeric, rice, wheat, sugar, machinery, pickup van and many more.

Talking to traders, it is learned that Bangladeshi traders were suffering by the Bangaon Kalitala Truck Parking Syndicate in India. 

Ten to fifteen thousand goods-laden trucks were stuck in the name of serial creating various obstacles. They used to collect Extortion from the trucks. At the beginning of the corona pandemic, such a tendency increased. 

This has affected the domestic market due to increase in import cost.

Taking this into consideration, the government has allowed the import and trade of all types of goods by railway from June 4 last year.

Traders are importing goods by train through Benapole and Petrapol ports due to various irregularities including extortion.

Besides, traders are importing goods by train due to lack of storage space at Benapole port and long delay due to parking syndicate at Petrapole port.

Benapole Import-Export Asso­ciation Vice President Aminul Haque said, Due to cost savings and safety, day by day traders tend to trade on railways.Earlier, goods were imported in 4 to 5 wagons per month but now different types of goods are being imported daily through cargo rail, side cargo rail and parcel van.

As a result, traders as well as the government are benefiting from the revenue. Benapole C&F Agents Association President Mofizur Rahman Sajan said, At present the import of all kinds of goods by rail is active. As a result, imports have increased this year as compared to last year. Besides, the government has collected more revenue in the railway sector.Matiar Rahman, Director, India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries said, “Traders are importing goods by train through Benapole port after facing various hassle in Kalitala parking area in India.”

Imports of goods between the two countries' trains have increased due to special facilities for extortion, irregularities, corruption and traffic jams in the Indian subcontinent.

Due to which the railway authorities have earned more than Tk 6 crore in 4 months of this year.