Public Service Day and Bangabandhu Public Administration

Published : 23 Jul 2022 08:18 PM | Updated : 24 Jul 2022 10:16 PM

Currently we stand at an extraordinary juncture. "Golden jubilee of independence", "Mujib year" has just passed and we are looking forward to transitioning to a better country. At such a moment, I remember the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He is the lifeblood of Bengali freedom and liberation struggle. Remembering - Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnessa, her family, national 4 leaders and numerous martyrs without whose sacrifice we cannot imagine our nation.

Today's chief guest Hon'ble leader's work in life is full of great achievements and success. Drenched in extraordinary glory. Yet today, in this happy moment, the untimely and unfair loss of Bangabandhu fills all the happy moments with sad memories and emptiness. An inexhaustible sorrow surrounds our existence, an agonizing wail – priceless possessions lost forever and tragic bereavement of loved ones scars every moment of joy and happiness. Yet life goes on—we must move on.

All of you medalists are senior officers of the government. You have seen many, known many - all experienced, strong - wise in supervision, decision making and responsibility. Hopefully talent-development, innovative styles and skills will be more widespread and spontaneous.

Today you are on the path that Bangabandhu has set. It is a path of glory and a way forward, motivation and accountability. There is no looking back.

Bangabandhu wanted to build the land called Bangladesh with infinite foresight. This country is not just a country, it is surrounded by our dreams, meditations and rituals, blood-soaked, blood-soaked, heart-broken and holy. Millions of martyrs are lying on this ground. Hear, you will hear—raised muttering voices—“We have done our duty. We fought with bare hands. Now it's your turn." We will wrap them in inspired inspiration, love and the mantra “Don't keep us in check”. The fight between us and all of you is to build "Sonar Bangla".

Congratulations to all, with the combined relentless efforts of all, we have come a long way in spreading innovative energy. Sea victories, land pacts, Bangabandhu satellites—we won—on water, on land, in space. The transition to developed countries in 2041 is visible today.

The people of Bangladesh were living in a "no" world for ages. No food, no clothes, no electricity, no jobs in factories, no beds in hospitals, no treatment for illness, no house in residence, life was - there was no life.

The transition from that to the unified Bengal of today is a great journey indeed. This has been possible - due to the combined efforts of all of us, your cooperation, the timeless leadership and vision of Bangabandhu and the ongoing guidance of Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister.

However, right now we need caution—the nation's progress and desired progress are facing challenges today. The impact of Corona and the war between Ukraine and Russia has shaken the whole world. The orderly path is in danger of being upset today. Key indicators of stability in the economy - inflation rate, balance in international trade, currency value and budget deficit need to be kept tolerable.

Right now there is a great need for sensitive, intelligent, visionary, creative and efficient management for Bangladesh. There is need for coordination between development and enjoyment, extraction of created resources and its proper utilization and management. It requires self-imposed discipline, control, selfless living and working methods.

Bangabandhu was not only a patriot, not only a state builder, not only a ruler of politics, but he was also a courageous, far-sighted philosopher.

His thoughts and activities were far-reaching. Possessed of present vision, insight and far-sightedness, he was a visionary but a pragmatist. "Hetha Nai, Hetha Nai - Nowhere Else" - Insatiable he loved to go on - till the last moment his path was unstoppable.

The Chief Guest of the event was Prime Minister People's Leader Sheikh Hasina, Honorable Ministers and Honorable State Ministers, Members of Parliament, Council of Ministers Secretary, Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister, Senior Secretary-Public Administration Ministry officials were also present.