ZH Sikder: A doyen of modern education in Shariatpur

Rajib Hossain Rajon, Shariatpur

Not only as a renowned industrialist and a philanthropist but also valiant Freedom Fighter Zainul Abedin Sikder has contributed a lot to spread the light of modern education in the country. 

With the establishment of two renowned educational institutions- ZH Sikder Science and Technology University in 2012 and Monowara Sikder Medical College and Hospital in 2015 at remote village Madhupur under Shariatpur district, the contribution for education by Zainul Haque Sikder will ever be remembered by the future generations of the country. 

ZH Sikder Science and Technology University starts functioning with four faculties-Humanities and Social Science, Life Sciences, Business Studies and Engineering and Technology. 

The fully residential university is situated in a serene, green background on six acres of land having 200,000 square-feet of spaces. The varsity also houses a Library with a huge collection, computer laboratory with internet facility and the opportunity to conduct research.

Monowara Sikder Medical College and Hospital is affiliated with Dhaka University and follows the syllabus of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Students from all around the country and abroad are enrolled here to study courses in Medicine and Surgery. 

Founder of ZH Sikder Science and Technology University and Monowara Medical College and Hospital and Chairman of the College Trustee Board, valiant Freedom Fighter, social worker Zainul Haque Sikder breathed his last on Wednesday ( 10 February 2021 (Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeun). People of the country will ever recall the memory of ZH Sikder for his contribution to education, social welfare and industrial development in the country.