Zahid Hasan in Nagad’s new TV commercial

Cloth store owner Jalil Mia is counting money coming out of his mobile phone. In an exhausted voice, he says, “No one has ever sent me so much money through phone! I feel thirsty!”. He asks for water and Zahid Hasan comes onscreen saying, “Of course you feel thirsty counting so much money!”

So, we see Zahid Hasan in the latest TV commercial of Nagad, the digital financial service of Bangladesh Post Office. The series of commercials has been directed by Hasan Morshed. Asif Akbar worked as the creative director and Nehal Quraishi as the director of photography (DOP). Some of the key features of the service have been highlighted in these commercials (for example, sending 50,000 taka at a time and sending money to anyone). Nagad has already been well received by everyone as a state-owned financial service.

Regarding the commercial, Zahid Hasan said, “I was very interested when I first heard about the idea of the TVC. The shooting experience was great, too. When I got to know the services of Nagad, I registered as a user. I believe that the state-owned financial service ‘Nagad’ will go a long way in digital innovation by  aligning the theme of Digital Bangladesh.