Youths getting involved in crimes

Published : 11 Jan 2023 09:14 PM

Kishoreganj is known for being a fertile land for cultural practices. Baul song, sarigan, zari song, wedding song, dehattva, shariati, marfati, murshidi, marmi, folk song, bhatiali, palagan, ghetugan and other religious songs of this region have no comparison and never existed. In addition to folk culture, there were organized cultural practices, there were cultural organizations in the neighborhood, libraries; there was a harmonium in every house. Various social organizations contribute to the development of children and adolescents. Dramas were staged in villages. And in the winter, the villages were full of Jatra, jari-sari-palagan. With the passage of time, the people of Kishoreganj have turned away from culture. The culture that used to be practiced in the village is not there today. As youth are getting less and less access to this culture, they are leaning towards crime and unlawful acts.

It is reported that due to lack of adequate grounds for cultural activities, reduced libraries and sports, teenagers and young adults spend their time using mobile phones or become reckless in political patronage. Being inspired by fundamentalist videos on social media or YouTube is plunging into the darkness of bigotry. There is a terrible communal feeling among many people in Para Mahalla, they openly express their feelings by puffing out their chests. In addition, in the last 10 to 12 years, small groups of juvenile gangs are forming in the neighborhood. These youth gangs are created by political elites to fight, grab land, attack opponents, show heroism, intimidation and control the drug trade. Teenagers are actively involved in dangerous motorcycle stunts, consumption and sale of drugs and Yaba, extortion, molestation of girls and even various murders.

Cultural activists say that when the practice of culture does not exist in society, the normal flow of society stops. Reactionary bigotry is born in a closed atmosphere. The vacuum that has been created in our cultural world is quickly being filled by fanatical groups. The cultural crisis is fueling communal radicalism and reckless teenage gang culture.

Jatra, Palagan, Kabigan, Mela are part of Kishoreganj culture. Due to the absence of thirteen festivals in twelve months, there is no atmosphere in the village to hold fairs or festivals. The people of the village do not have any means of pure entertainment.'' There is an attempt to erase Jatra from people's minds by blaming it. Jatra is termed as 'bad job'. People who are against the liberation war, basically they are doing it shamefully. Culture activists like circus, puppet dance, Bhati song have stopped.

Educationalists, cultural personalities and senior politicians of Kishoreganj claim that cultural movement is needed to combat terrorism and militancy. They say, to bring the youth and young society back from the path of brutality and brutality, first of all it is necessary to strengthen the cultural movement. Adolescents and young people are separated from family and society and misguided due to lack of healthy cultural practices. Initiated by wrong education, choosing the path of brutality. There is no alternative to cultural movement to save future generations from this situation.

Talking to the concerned people, it is known that due to various reasons including lack of healthy cultural practices and reduced opportunities for sports, the youth have been separated from social harmony.

Their thinking has become individualistic. As a result, young people are separated from their families and are driven towards bigotry and crime with wrong education.

There is no plan for culture. Therefore, even though cultural festivals are held at various times by government initiatives, they are not able to take off. This is how the people of Kishoreganj are slowly being separated from the culture, they are being isolated. Our culture has now gone into the hands of the powerful. As a result, the number of participants has decreased, almost all of them are formal now. Therefore, people's bond with culture is gradually separated, the people concerned think.

Isha Khan University's English Department Assistant Professor and Columnist Badrul Huda Sohel said that there is a lack of patronage in organizing cultural programs in this district. The addiction of teenagers and young people to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube has increased so much that they don't have enough knowledge about our culture. On the other hand, family or social ties are not as strong as they used to be. Moreover people are now running towards immediate gain or profit. They are not giving priority to cultural activities.

Chandravati Recitation Parishad President Mm Jewell said, it must be admitted that the fertile cultural arena of Kishoreganj in the 80s or 90s has gradually turned from barren to almost barren today.

One of the reasons for this is the lack of qualified leadership, i.e. holding the leadership as an instrument by creating an organization without acquiring the qualifications to be a worker. As a result, our cultural activities are declining and the young society is deprived of its social or cultural education and is running on the path of bad culture or misdeeds.

Police Super Mohammad Russel Sheikh said that children, teenagers and young people are involved in various crimes including drugs, bigotry, militancy, youth gang culture due to the reduction of cultural activities, libraries and sports. Police is conducting awareness activities in every school through community policing and beat policing to make the future generation law abiding.