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Woman helps police track down killer

Published : 02 Sep 2019 08:43 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:02 PM

After the brutal killing of a partner-driver with ridesharing company Pathao in city’s Malibagh area one week ago, detectives finally arrested the killer on early Monday from the capital, using sophisticated technology and with the help of a woman. Additional Deputy Commissioner Jewel Rana of Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), exclusively told Bangladesh Post that the arrested was identified as Nuruzzaman Opu, hailing from Kompaniganj Upazila in Noakhali district.

He is basically a drug addict and professional bike hijacker. Senior Assistant Commissioner Atikul Islam of Detective Branch (East) of the DMP who led the arrest operation, said, “ Using highly sophisticated technology, we arrested him from the city on Monday.” Killed with anti-cutter
During the primary interrogation, he admitted how he had killed the Pathao driver and later hijacked his bike on the dark night of August 26. “We also recovered the bike and the mobile phone of the victim from Opu’s possession,” he added.

Responding to a question, a DB official, who primarily grilled killer Opu, said, “At around 2:am, Opu came out of his residence and reached in front of Abul Hotel in city’s Malibagh area.” Deceased biker did not ride sharing apps He saw that few bikers were waiting for passengers. He approached several bikers to carry him on contact basis, instead of using apps. All, except deceased Milon, rejected to carry him without apps on security ground.

He convinced the victim at Tk 50 for carrying him from Abul Hotel to Gulisthan via Malibagh Flyover. Killer shared cigarette with victim just before killing When they reached near the Padma Diagnostic, killer cunningly told Milon to stop the speedy bike for smoking. At one stage, both Opu and Milon shared same cigarette standing on the flyover.

When Milon was smoking the cigarette provided by Opu, he ( Opu) requested Milon to allow him drive Milon’s bike. Sensing trouble, Milon repeatedly denied. At one stage of struggling, Opu slit the throat of Milon from his back side with an anti-cutter. Milon left the place to save his life in a critical condition. Later on-duty police brought him to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. By this time, Opu hijacked the bike and his phone set.

He kept the bike in an under construction building at Gulbagh area and left for his residence in the same area. Opu sold the victim’s phone to one Mosharaf, a security guard in the area, for Tk 2,500.

How killer arrested
The case was totally clueless as police did not find any clear footage of the incident. They started to look for the snatched phone set as an important clue. But police were failing again and again to trace the phone set of the victim. Investigator sources said Mosharaf is a completely uneducated person. He does not know how to use an android phone set. Police was tracking through the unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number that is used to identify the user of any phone set. But as no SIM card was inserted in the phone set, police failed to identify the user of the phone set.

At one stage, by using sophisticated technology, detectives came to know that a new SIM card has been inserted in the stolen phone set. It was a Robi SIM. After the SIM card has been inserted, an welcome message was sent from the mobile operator. Police started working on it. But police was frustrated again as the SIM was registered in the name of one Rafiq, who is a driver. But Rafiq does not live in the area any more. He left long time back. No one knows him also. Police talked to more than one hundred people in the area. But no one could help the detectives.

An woman helps police finally
Police was coming back to their office with deep frustration. At that time, a woman came to the DB team and gave a vital information. As per her information, police traced Mosharaf, who first bought the snatched phone set from Opu. But he informed that as he could not pay the full payment, Opu forcibly took the phone set back from him.

Mosharaf, however helped the DB team to locate the rented house of killer Opu by providing a personal phone number of the killer. After tracking his phone number, a DB team led by Senior Assistant Commissioner Atikul Islam raided the house of killer Opu on Monday and arrested him.