Whitepaper on fundamentalism, communal terrorism

No one should be spared

Published : 13 May 2022 01:01 AM

The People’s Commission for the Investigation of Fundamentalism and Communal Terrorism in the country on Wednesday submitted a 2200-page whitepaper to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Former Supreme Court Judge AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik, chairman of the commission, said radical organisations and groups such as Hefazat-e-Islam and Jamaat-e-Islam and those who trade on religion had laundered a lot of money.

The names of a large number of people, who trade on religion, including former Hefazat-e-Islam Joint Secretary General Mamunul Haque, are mentioned in the whitepaper. The whitepaper has observed that the ‘religion traders’ are committing crimes everyday but no action is being taken against them. 

We all should raise our 

voice against fundamentalism, 

militancy and terrorism 

The commission has recommended taking action not only against such people but also against the deputy commissioners, officers-in-charge and administrative officials who had assisted them during the communal attack. It has identified fundamentalism, militancy and terrorism as the major stumbling blocks on the way to women advancement as they talk against women empowerment. 

The ACC should frame an action plan and carry out investigation against radical organisations over the laundering of money as early as possible. If anything is beyond the ACC’s jurisdiction, intelligence agencies like Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police will have to work in this regard.

We saw numerous incidents at different parts of the country in the last few years that prove that fundamentalists, especially Hefazat-e-Islam and Jamaat-e-Islam, are trying to create an anarchic situation in the country to overthrow the government.

Radical organizations, including the Jamaat-e-Islami, were against the Liberation War of Bangladesh and their leaders and activists are involved in terror activities. So, all the incidents will have to be investigated to ensure that the motives behind them are revealed. 

The Hefazat-e-Islam has allegedly formed an organization called ‘Rabetatul Wa-e-Zin’ to spread extremism across the country and control the Waz-Mahfil as well. Besides, a syndicate, formed with its own leaders and activists, is controlling the organisation.

The organisers of Waz -Mahfil are being forced by the syndicate to hire Hefazat-leaders for Waz sessions in the country. Thus they are trying to spread extremist ideas in the country.

As the people of our country believe in non-communal spirit, we believe their attempts will not succeed in any way. We all should raise our voice against fundamentalism, militancy and terrorism. Last but not least, the ACC will have to attach the highest importance to the whitepaper submitted before it and find out the names of the extremist leaders through investigation.