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When fiery tongues meet CHILLOX

Published : 23 Apr 2019 08:37 PM | Updated : 27 Sep 2021 05:28 PM

Burgers are one of the most renowned trendy tummy fillers. As many popular burger joints are popping out these days, Chillox is one of those names synonymous with the Dhaka burger scene and has already created a buzz for their naga burgers, drumsticks, fries and shakes. This place has an urban chic look and happening vibe about it. The lighting and the music played set the correct tempo to an already fine dining experience. Seating arrangement is well spaced out and is a mix of sofas and chairs. The ambiance is perfect for families and friends.

The burgers at Chillox are often described as super spicy, meaty patty with a bun, fresh and having toppings with super spicy flavours from naga chili that will make your tongue fiery. They have different spice levels to choose from. Among starters, the crispy Naga Drums (BDT 160/320) marinated with flavourful mixture of naga chili and different spices and herbs are bound to give a kick at your tongue.

Among chicken burgers, the cheeky Chicken with Sausage (BDT 210) burger, consisting of juicy tender chicken patty, 2x chicken sausage, cheese and sweet chili sauce, tastes scrumptious. Bacon lovers will have to pay extra to add some crispy, tasty slices to add that last bit of flavour heaven. Double Decker Chicken (BDT 230) burger will surely double one’s joy with the luscious double sized chicken patty loaded with cheese. It looks as delectable as it tastes.

For beef lovers, Beef Cheese Blast (BDT 250) is a great option. The burger is prepared with melted cheese inside a double beef patty and 2x cheese. The hot liquid cheese will explode when you bite it.
Beef Signature (BDT 300) consists of double beef patty drizzled with cheese plus onion, tomato, lettuce and a special sauce along with beef pastrami and poached egg. Binge Beef (BDT 550) features a perfectly cooked giant beef patty, smoked chicken, chicken ham and gooey melted cheese laid between the buns.

The soft moist textured gourmet Cheezer Reloaded (BDT 190) burger is prepared with beef/chicken patty smothered with cheddar and mozzarella cheese topped with mayo and sweet chili sauce. If you have a sensitive stomach or just can’t digest spicy food, their naga burgers might not be right for you. But for lovers of spices this is how a good burger should be. Among others, Chicken Cheese Blast (BDT 250) and Giganto Beef (BDT 350) are mention-worthy.

Beat up this summer with refreshing Roy Rogers (BDT 100) mocktail or Nutella Shake (BDT 150) that go perfect with French Fries (BDT 60/100). Chillox is renowned for their naga burgers which successfully meet the expectation. Hovering over a wide array of specialized burgers one can go out abundant of options to choose from.

Place    Chillox, 2nd floor, Ahmed
Tower, Kemal Ataturk
Avenue (Opposite Hotel
Sarina), Banani
Opening Hours Sat to Sun
11 am to 11 pm
Price for two    BDT 300 (approx)