‘What the heroes said were the last words’

Raveena reacts to being told she exaggerated about being body-shamed

Published : 06 Feb 2023 09:24 PM

Actor Raveena Tandon recently opened up about being told that she exaggerated the facts when talked about being body-shamed in Bollywood. During a conversation with Smita Prakash, the actor said that she doesn't care about being ‘plump.’ She said she was utterly displeased with the 'viciousness' of 90s journalism, and took a break from the industry after her marriage, according to a report on www.hindustantimes.com.

While Raveena has shared from time to time about her struggle in the industry due to her appearance, not much was believed by common people. 

Talking on the lines, news agency ANI quoted her saying, “I was plump actually. Started at 16 and a half years, and I was full of baby fat yaar... which still hasn't gone. Though I don't care now, I am being like that, I am like that, too bad!”

She added after being told that she is exaggerating the facts, "I remember some of these titles. And not only me, but some other heroines are also called that. Besides that, instead of supporting women, what they did was...firstly all these women editors would fall in love with the heroes. And what the heroes said were the last words. If he wanted to pan a woman, the woman would be panned, shamed, literally, her career ruined in the magazines with nasty articles being put out about her. There were so many untrue articles put out because some hero went and said, "Acha, uske bare me aab aisa likh do..." and it would be the last word. And if there would be an apology, that would be on the last line of some other issues of the magazine, it would be written 'the story carried earlier ultimately proved not to be true'. And who will read that then? At that time the screaming headlines already made the news, right?"

Talking about the magazines of the bygone eras, Raveen also told ANI that some women were the ‘worst’ enemies of other women as they body-shamed, slut-shamed others to bring them down.

Raveena was last seen in KGF: Chapter 2. She has Ghudchadi with Sanjay Dutt as one of her upcoming projects. She is also a part of Arbaaz Khan's Patna Shukla with Satish Kaushik. Besides these, she will be returning with the second season of her Netflix web series, Aranyak.