What does BNP actually want?

Published : 25 Jan 2024 09:10 PM | Updated : 25 Jan 2024 09:11 PM

Most of the political parties in the country are doing politics in a democratic way and organising their political programmes peacefully. But unfortunately, major opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in association with the anti-liberation force Jamaat-Shibir and vested interest groups is still hatching conspiracies to distabilise the country even after the free, fair and peaceful January 7 national election. 

The party (BNP) has announced a two-day black-flag procession programme for today and tomorrow, demanding cancellation of the 12th parliamentary polls. 

Bangladesh has set an example of holding free, fair and credible national election before the nation and world as well. But it seems to all that BNP, which boycotted the January 7 polls, still believes that someone coming from outside will take the party to power.

Once, BNP could make it happen by acting as an agent (of foreigners). But there is no such scope left in Bangladesh to go to power through this wrong path.. It is now very tough for BNP to come to power soon due to the party’s corrupt leadership.

Two of the BNP’s top leaders are convicted of terrorism, money laundering and corruption. BNP has become isolated from the people because of its evil politics. 

Besides, BNP had no representation in the 10th parliament and the party’s all seven lawmakers in the 11th parliament had resigned on December 9 in 2022. BNP has become isolated from the people because of its long absence from the parliament. 

The beleaguered BNP has plunged into deep frustration as the party leaders can now can realise that boycotting the January 7 national polls was suicidal and that’s why BNP wants to create trouble for the ruling Awami League in many ways. 

BNP, which boycotted the 

January 7 polls, still believes 

that someone coming from 

outside will take the party to power

We think BNP should practise democracy and shun the path of violence if they want to do politics in the country. There is no alternative to practicing democracy and go to grassroots people. 

People will not allow anyone to destroy the country’s peaceful environment through violence and anarchy. BNP–Jamaat is carrying out terrorist activities to obstruct the democratic process of the country. BNP is doing evil politics as it does not believe in democracy. The party is yet to come out of the politics of killing. 

After the national election, leaders of different countries continue to congratulate Sheikh Hasina on her reappointment as Prime Minister of Bangladesh. 

Awami League’s massive win in the January 5 national polls has made them (BNP leaders) upset and so, they are talking nonsense. 

As part of its evil design, BNP might have announce black-flag-procession programme, demanding the cancellation of the January 7 election. Therefore, Awami League leaders and workers need to remain on the streets to protect the lives and property of the people.

Patron of anti-liberation forces will be defeated in movement too. All must remain united against all sorts of BNP_jamaat conspiracies to continue pace of the country’s development. 

BNP’s activities also raised question about what the party does actually want now. Since its foundation, BNP has been doing politics with support from the anti-liberation forces and its foreign lobbyists who had opposed the country’s liberation war in 1971.

We have noticed that BNP and defeated forces had chosen the path of conspiracy against Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman after failing to face him politically. The party (BNP) is now hatching conspiracies as it has become unsuccessful in facing Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina politically.

Therefore, after being isolated from the mass people of the country, BNP is engaged in spreading false propaganda against the country and the government as well.