Water stagnant affects cropland in Jhenidah

Delwar Kabir

Thousands of farmers at Sadhuhati union of Jhenidah Sadar upazila have been deprived off crops for years together due to water stagnant on their land. The situation worsened when some influential have been producing fish digging huge size ponds and constructed houses on the croplands.

It has also stopped the cultivation of 22 acres of land of Sadhuhati seed expansion farm, a farm owned by Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) at Magurapara, Nalbeel, Nathkundu, Chhaibhanga beel, Bhedurer Beel and Bankira Beel areas.

Some local people said that the land of their area is widely known for Aus, Aman, Boro, pulse crops and some other crops. The water from a number of beels and canals are thrown to nearest Nabaganga, Ichhamati and Chitra river in the monsoon.

Due to unethical digging of pond, water bodies and houses, the innocent common people became hostages to the political people. They are compelled to give their lands lease to them.

Sadhuhati UP chairman Kazi Nazir Uddin said at least a few hundred acres of land of Magurapara, Potahati and Sadhuhati were affected due to illegal pond digging and house construction without prior permission.

Saganna UP chairman Alauddin Al Mamun, another ex-chairman Baker Ali Biswas and a number of renowned persons, said Anar Hossain has been cultivating fish on 200 bighas of land which was liable for water stagnant round the year. Some other persons in the area were encouraged witnessing the occupation of Anar Hossain.

Sadhuhati seed production farm’s deputy manager Mazibar Rahman said evil occupation of the local influential have thrown his 22 acres of land under water round the year. The matter was informed to district agriculture extension department and deputy commissioner in Jhenidah. The deputy commissioner a few weeks ago had stopped the pond digging, while the dishonest people could not be refrained from the evil doings. They had resumed their activities once again, he said.

Deputy Commissioner Saroj Kumar Nath said no one is supposed to dig pond or any encroachment of croplands and construct houses without the prior permission of the district administration. The men liable for doing such evil activities, to be brought in books for legal steps. He had formed a probe committee in this regard.