Violence against children continues unabated

Protect child rights, prevent all forms of child abuse

Published : 18 Mar 2023 08:32 PM

Over the last several years Bangladesh has made significant strides in the fields of health, nutrition, safe water and sanitation, education and child protection but when it comes to violence against children, it offers a somewhat gloomy picture. Even a cursory scan of the daily newspapers tells the story that progress in this field remains disturbingly limited. A growing number of heinous crimes not only reveal our sheer negligence to address a savage practice but also indicate our failure to protect our children from the evils of our society. 

It is alarming to note that nearly two billion children are subjected to different forms of violence every  in Bangladesh. According to media reports, in the past six years, more than 2000 children were murdered in the country. 

We need to raise public awareness

 on recognising and preventing 

all forms of child abuse

When the implementation of law is inadequate, perpetrators remain unaffected, especially when the authorities concerned respond in a way that does not protect the underprivileged victims. Stricter laws and more vigorous enforcement might help, but they are not enough. It is time for the government to adopt tough legal measures to prosecute child abusers so that we are able to protect our future generations. Also, we must adopt a zero-tolerance policy for violence against children.

It is sad but true that we find a plethora of news regarding child killing, child rape, child labour and child torture which are published and broadcast in different print and electronic media but we hardly find any programme or show which are made to create consciousness among mass people on child abuse. In this regard, social institutions like schools, mosques, offices, universities etc. should put forth their concerted efforts to create consciousness among people against child abuse. We need to raise public awareness on recognising and preventing all forms of child abuse.

Media can play a significant role in order to hinder child abuse because media have the power to develop an opinion among its viewers alongside constructing behaviour and psychology of interpretation. Last but not least, we need more government fund and its honest utilisation for the development of the street children who are usually being abused over their entire life.