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Victim gets justice!

Bangladesh Post plays major role

Published : 19 Sep 2019 08:46 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:00 AM

Arhan Tarique, a cheerful teenage and a bright student of class six, had been studying in Blooming Sun International School in city’s Khilkhet area. The childhood happiness of the charming teen-ager faded one day in the recent past as his father brutally punished him for a trivial matter leaving the playful child to suffer and bleed at home.

Born in a broken family Arhan was left bleeding before he was rescued by his mother and treated for his injuries. Arhan’s father Abdullah Al Tareque is an frequent international traveler, as he claims. Tarique’s father, Mohammad Iddris was a candidate of Bangladesh Jamaat e Islam in 1996 parliamentary election from Brahmanbaria.

Tareque is also a United States immigrant. He divorced his wife, Shaon Shormila when Arhan was only five months old. After their separation around fourteen years ago, Arhan was staying with his mother. But two weeks ago, his father forcibly took Arhan to live with him. Arhan consistently wished to go back to live with his mother but Tareque kept him busy so he forgets his demands to return to his mother.

Meanwhile, Arhan’s mother, Shormila presented him with a smart phone so that he could constantly communicate with her. But Tareque soon came to know about the phone and smashed the phone being very angry. Desperate to talk to his mother, Arhan behind his father’s back, used to communicate with his mother using his father’s phone.

When it was revealed to Arhan’s father, Arhan was beaten mercilessly. The nightmare ordeal was unbearable and it was soon known to Tareque’s family members. One of who was his sister – Sumaiya. She secretly arranged his return to his mother by calling an Uber taxi and sent Arhan alone in the car. Earlier, Sumaiya informed Shormila about the arrangements.

Arhan was later brought to the Holy Family Hospital for treatment. Later for safety and her security, Shormila shifted her son to the residence of Atia Bilkis Mitu, a government official known to her. Shormila herself also took shelter at her friend’s flat in city’s Dhanmondhi area. On settling there Shormila decided to make the issue public to fight back. As she did not have any male guardian or friend beside her she felt it was not wise to lodge a police complaint alone on her own.

At that stage, Atita Bilkis Mitu posted some photos on facebook of Arhan revealing the extreme brutality. On noticing the posting a Bangladesh Post correspondent communicated with Arhan’s mother. She described how what ordeals she faced and how she was feeling. Later the Bangladesh Post correspondent also left a message on facebook seeking legal help from the law enforcers. Fortunately, it was noticed by several senior police officials, including Dhaka Metropolitan Police Joint Commissioner (Crime) Shaikh Nazmul Alam, Assistant Inspector General ( Media and Public Relations) of Police Headquarters Mir Sohel Rana, Additional Deputy Commissioner ( Wari Division) Iftekhairul Islam Ifty, ADC( Gulshan Division) Syed Mamun Mostafa, they came forward with their support.

JC Shaikh Nazmul Alam instantly communicated with Inspector Md Mustazirur Rahman, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Khilkhet Police Station to take quick action against the alleged criminal. He sent all the photos and other evidence to the OC. He also warned the OC for any negligence. Getting his instruction, Inspector Mustazirur called the victim’s mother. But as the accused is a US immigrant, he was reluctant to arrest before recording any case in this regard.

He called Shormila and requested her to meet him at Khilkhet Police Station along with Arhan. But as it was late at night, it was not possible for her to go to the Khilkhet Police Station. Shormila again sought help from Bangladesh Post correspondent. Being informed, ADC Iftekhairul Islam Ifty himself contacted with his batch mate ADC Syed Mamun Mostofa and requested him to send a police team to Dhanmondhi area, where victim and his mother were sheltering.

Getting the request, ADC Syed Mamun in association with OC Mustazirur sent a police team led by a sub-inspector. The police team recorded the written statement for recording the case. As per the complaint, two teams of Police cordoned off the residence of Tareque at Khilkeht area. They raided at the flat located on the fourth floor and arrested Tareque.

Police primarily grilled him. Sub Inspector Mohamamd Mizanur Rahman, who is also the investigating officer of the case said, “I produced accused Tareque before a Dhaka Court seeking a five days remand to interrogate him in police custody.” Sub Inspector Rafat Ara said that the court did not grant any remand. Instead, the court ordered to interrogate the accused in jail gate. Later he was sent to jail.

Shaon Shormila said, “I am extremely happy over the services which police provided.” She also thanked Bangladesh Post for providing assistance in getting police help to arrest the oppressor.

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