Vicious cycle of corruption must be stopped

ACC officials must be vigilant

Recently, Anti-Corruption Commissioner Dr Md Mozammel Haque, has urged those working to root out corruption to steer clear of dishonest practices themselves. Moreover, he asked ACC officials to be careful about error in investigation and working procedures.

The commissioner also emphasized the importance of utilizing technology in combating corruption. He asked all law enforcement agencies to come together in fighting corruption in society.

One of the biggest impediments in Bangladesh’s path to becoming a developed nation is corruption. It is prevalent at all levels of officials and in nearly all sectors. Instances of bribery and money laundering are far too common.

Unethical practices weaken national institutions and prevent rule of law from functioning properly. Corruption erodes public trust in government, and breeds injustice. Corruption is also increasingly linked to violation of human rights and spread of the culture of impunity. Due to widespread corruption and mismanagement in all sectors from police administration, judiciary, health sector, education, etc., people have begun to lose their faith in authority and government day by day.

We can only fight corruption if

 it is stopped at each and

 every level of administration

The main reason that corruption is so prevalent is because a vicious cycle operates in each and every office and institution. From junior to senior officials, everyone partakes in accepting bribes in exchange of doing service. There is a serious lack of integrity and a sense of duty among the people.

We can only fight corruption if it is stopped at each and every level of administration. Strict penalties must be handed to those convicted of corruption. Everyone must remain vigilant and identify sources of corruption in their surroundings.

The government must adopt a zero tolerance policy against corruption in all government agencies and the public sector. Anyone convicted of corruption must be blacklisted immediately in order to deter future criminals. Every citizen of the country has a duty to his/her country to work with integrity and honour. Taking the easy way out and handing over bribes to get the job done is only harming our country in the long run. We must change ourselves in order to transform the nation.