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US pays tribute to Bangladesh that overcomes great adversity: Haas

Published : 29 Jun 2022 09:57 PM

United States (US) Ambassador in Dhaka Peter Hass on Wednesday said his country pays tribute to a nation like Bangladesh that has overcome great adversity as the US had also emerged after a bloody war of independence. 

"This year, as we (US and Bangladesh) celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations with Bangladesh, we pay tribute to another nation (Bangladesh) that emerged after a bloody war of independence," he said. 

The envoy made the remark while addressing at an event celebrating the US Independence Day at the American International School in the capital. 

"We look forward to what the future will bring to Bangladesh - and what Bangladesh will bring to the future," he said 

The envoy said the US Independence Day is a day when Americans honor the sacrifices made by their veterans to keep democracy safe. 

Noting that America's founding fathers expressed their desire to build "a more perfect union", the Ambassador said, "Neither of our nations (The US and Bangladesh) is perfect." 

 Hass said that is a challenge that Americans face every day - "with humility and confidence - as we address weaknesses to our democracy".