US embassy resumes certain visas

The US Embassy in Dhaka has started accepting applications to renew “certain classifications” of non-immigrant visas.

The visa services remained suspended due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The Embassy on Monday said they would process applications that are qualified for interview-waiver renewal of F, J, M, O, Q, and C1/D visas.

The US Embassy is ‘not’ yet processing applications for B1/B2 visas, (applicable for mainly general visitors), but will make an announcement soon, it added.

The embassy will process applications that are qualified for interview-waiver renewal of F (continuing students/spouse/children), J (exchange visitor), M (vocational student), O (Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability), Q (Exchange visitors – international cultural), and C1/D (Transit/Ship Crew) visas.

Qualified applicants need to log in and/or update their profile online at, and submit the application packet, after paying associated visa fees, at the designated offsite service provider at

In order to qualify for an interview-waiver renewal, the application must be for the same classification of visa and be made within 24 months of the expiration date of the old visa, it said, providing the link of interview waiver checklist at –

After the Embassy receives an application, the reviewing Consular Officer may determine that the applicant will require an in-person interview.

These applicants will have to schedule an interview when regular visa services resume, said the notice.

Applicants for H1B, L1, and certain J categories and their dependents covered by Presidential Proclamation 10052 can request an appointment only if they have reason to believe they qualify for one of the exceptions listed in the Proclamation.

The Proclamation is available at –