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US airline wants to revive supersonic passenger traffic

Published : 18 Aug 2022 09:59 PM

American United Airlines, one of the top-3 airlines in the world, has ordered 15 Overture supersonic aircraft to organise passenger traffic.

It will work with Boom Supersonic in Denver: the airline wants to get a safe, easy-to-maintain, and environmentally friendly aircraft. They want to collect the first sample in 2025, and test flights will begin in a year – in 2026. Overture is scheduled to carry passengers by 2029.

Characteristics of the Overture aircraft It is planned that the speed of the airliner will be 1800 km/h – twice as fast as modern jets.

Overture should be the first large commercial aircraft to have zero environmental impact since its creation through the use of special environmentally friendly fuels.

If the characteristics are confirmed, the air carrier can order an additional 35 airliners.

United Airlines has already named potential routes for the Overture aircraft: it can connect New York and London in 3.5 hours, New York and Frankfurt in 4 hours, San Francisco and Tokyo in 6 hours. Travel time will be halved due to speed.