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UGC set to formulate policy for new public universities

Published : 26 Sep 2022 09:57 PM

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has formed a five-member committee tasked to formulate a policy regarding the commencement of academic activities at newly established public universities.

The committee comprises Prof Dr Muhammad Alamgir, a UGC member, Prof Dr Sanjay Kumar Adhikari, member of Bangladesh Accreditation Council, Prof Dr Mahbuba Nasrin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Pro VC) of Bangladesh Open University, Prof Dr Afroza Parvin, Dean of Khulna University’s School of Science, Engineering and Technology, and Mouli Azad, Deputy Director of UGC’s Department of Public University Management.

Recently, it has been noticed that most of the new public universities are beginning their academic activities without any prior preparation, said a UGC press release.

Besides, it said, they are carrying out their academic activities in rented buildings. As a result, the mental growth of students is getting hampered and issues are arising in the learning process. Overall, the quality of education is falling. That’s why the need to formulate a policy has become so urgent.

At the virtual meeting of the committee, Alamgir said that the new public universities are running their academic programmes without finalizing infrastructure and curriculum.

“Students are getting deprived of a proper learning environment due to a lack of policies. If we can formulate a policy, ambience for higher studies and research will be ensured and competent graduates of global standards will be created,” said Alamgir.

The other members of the committee pointed out that while there is a shortage of senior teachers, new public universities usually try to conduct their academic programmes with junior teachers. They stressed the need to create an academic master plan for the new universities.

The members also said that the committee will arrange meetings and seminars with related stakeholders once the draft of the policy has been formulated.