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Uber’s yearly analysis shows consistent growth in Bangladesh

Published : 27 Dec 2022 09:46 PM

Uber on Monday released its annual analysis, which highlights the completion of 150 million kilometers in trips during 2022, industry-leading safety standards, marking the company’s expansion to all the eight divisions of Bangladesh, and how the ridesharing company stepped up in support during the pandemic in the country.

The report, backed by insights and data, emphasizes Uber’s support for communities by finding meaningful ways to use the Uber app to reinforce its commitment to safeguarding each trip, helping law enforcement agencies improve overall road safety, and empowering driver partners to earn on the platform. 

 The analysis showed that Uber trips in Bangladesh through 2022 covered a mind-boggling 150 million kilometers. That’s the distance from Earth all the way to the Sun. Sound takes 13 years and 10 months to cover this distance, which Uber trips covered in a year.

Uber’s services spanned across 20 cities in 2022, spread across all 8 divisions of the country. Over the years, Uber has successfully established itself as a multimodal ridesharing platform of choice with its safer, hassle-free and affordable commute options in Bangladesh, showed the annual data.

In partnership with Bangladesh Police, Uber trained driver partners to raise awareness about traffic rules and regulations. The first round of training was conducted by two officials from the Bangladesh police and a representative from Uber, where drivers were educated about road safety, traffic rules and regulations, trip cancellations, offline trips, and cash cherry-picking.

Over the years, Uber has introduced Emergency Contact 999 in the app, a special feature to share trips and locations and set up a dedicated safety hotline as well.