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Traditional and Tasty PATURI

Published : 01 Oct 2019 08:56 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:01 PM

Bengalis world-wide are at this moment caught up in a festive frenzy. Every autumn a festive mood hits as Goddess Durga, comes to life. And eating good during Durga Puja is something which always excites me and I am sure it does the same for many too. Well, I have always enjoyed authentic Bengali dishes wholeheartedly. Paturi, located in Banani, is one such place which in recent times have lived up to my expectations when it comes to authentic Bengali dishes.
This place is different from others not just for the impeccable culinary magic but also for the beautiful ambiance. 

The look of this place gives a soothing feeling to dine in. The hospitality rendered by the staff is really worth mentioning, as they are very helpful and genuinely interested in comforting everyone around which is something nice to observe and feel. Reflecting on our country's rich culinary heritage, Paturi offers fine dining of classic Bangladeshi cuisine.

The menu is long and detailed and I sampled quite a few delicacies from the list. The very traditional Bhetki Paturi (BDT 300) marinated in spiced mustard paste, wrapped in banana leaf and slow cooked till tender is something that people enjoy beyond age and time. Every bite of bhetki will melt in your mouth while your tongue will dance in the symphony of pungent mustard seed paste, sweet coconut paste and green chilli paste. Me and my friend savoured it along with Plain Rice (BDT 100), Lau Daal (BDT 200), Palong Chingri (BDT 350), Mishti-Kumra Nara (BDT 150) spiced up with panchphoron, and spicy and tangy Tomato Khatta (BDT 200).

The gorgeous Chitol Khari (BDT 500) is a sublime onion ginger curry, perfumed with cumin tastes awesome. Vegetable Khichuri (BDT 300) is the ultimate comfort food that goes great with Topshe Bhaja (BDT 200) and Bhorta Platter (BDT 300/500). Beef with Whole Garlic (BDT 400) cooked in aromatic spices is a tender treat. The garlicky zest and seasonings in this beef curry gives a fabulous, exotic flavour. The aromatic, flavorful and tangy Achar Murgi (BDT 425) cooked with pickling spices, tomato and chilli is a very synonymous North Indian curry and it was my favourite among all. Chapri (BDT 100) flatbread is a perfect accompaniment to this.

Other signature dishes comprise of Chingri Paturi (BDT 350), Beef Chaap (BDT 450), Mach Aloo-Potol (BDT 350), Beef Dhonia (BDT 375), Chitol Kofta (BDT 500) and so on and are from the vast collection of recipes of Mrs Mumtaz Khaleq. Her passion for food and love for her family are intricately intertwined in each of her recipes. All these amazing foods are priced very well to suit the pocket with super fine quality in taste as well as in generous quantity portion. Every dish was delicious, perfectly seasoned and fresh. They adjusted the spiciness for us so it was not so hot. I would describe the style as ‘fresh home cooked’.

Place         – Paturi, House No 03,
Rd No 10B, Banani,
Dhaka 1213
Pocket Pinch – BDT 2000++ for
two (approx)
Opening Hours – 12pm to 3pm
6pm to 11pm                                              

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