Toxic micro plastic in Dhaka air

Prudent steps must be taken to stop unusual dust growth

Published : 18 Feb 2023 08:09 PM

Existence of toxic micro plastic has been found in the air of the capital city and it is entering the human body of Dhaka dwellers through their breath, researchers have said. Experts are of the opinion that this toxic air is causing various diseases including cancer.

Dust pollution has turned into a major public health concern in the capital. One may not see the fine dust floating in the air of Dhaka and other cities of the country, but, undetectable, these micro-particles do utmost harm to human organs. Dust enters human body through mouth, eyes, skin and nostrils and the micro-organisms do their damaging works in various ways. The common complaints are recurring cough, chest infection, low fever, irritation of the eyes and nostrils and so on. Public health experts say that dust contains small particles, contaminated with germs and chemical materials that enter the lung and make serious reparatory problems. This causes diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, influenza, lung cancer, etc.

Departments concerned must

 play their role to control

 unusual growth of dust as

 well as other air pollutants

People residing in various areas in the capital are exposed to nightmarish experiences as they have been facing environmental hazards for long due to dust pollution. Although Dhaka has repeatedly been labelled as one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world, it has not taken consistent and prudent action on it. Such a severe air quality rating for Dhaka should compel the authorities concerned towards a decisive shift in policy. Departments concerned must play their role to control unusual growth of dust as well as other air pollutants. It is time for the policymakers and all the stakeholders to understand and underscore the need for formulating new policies and devise new measures to improve  Dhaka’s toxic air.

Dhaka’s inherently dusty air is made worse by countless unregulated construction sites – and the production of bricks and concrete to feed them. Hence, dust pollution should be a key issue that authorities concerned must address in the sphere of sustainable construction, indeed not only for the sake of environment, but also public health. Necessary laws should immediately be implemented to compel the builders, constructors, and construction workers to build roads and buildings following rules and regulations.