‘Towhidi Muslim Janata’ is the slogan of Jamaat

Police starts action against rumor mongers

The recent Bhola attack incident that sparked off huge violence, was inevitable or predetermined intended to hatch anti-government conspiracies, said different political analysts. They said that the pre-planned conspiracies were simply intended to destabilize the country and shatter religious harmony that is considered a strength of the nation. The incident that erupted following a facebook post that allegedly demeaned Prophet Muhammad. The incident is seriously considered to be a lesson for the law enforcing agents.

They said that the propaganda were being spread to produce hatred and divide religious coexistence in a country which was born on secular philosophies. Under the banner of Towhidi Muslim Janata, anti-liberation forces Jamaat-e-Islam and its student’s wing organization -Shibir and anti-government political party Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) leaders had planned to kill dozens of senior police officers in Bhola, the political analysts say.

They had also planned to kill hundreds of innocent minority across the country to create anarchy across the country, local sources said. Eyewitness said during the pre-planned deadly clashes between police and cadres of BNP-Jamaat and BJP under the banner of Towhidi Muslim Janata, carried out the attacks on Bhaowal Bari at Borhanuddin Upazila in Bhola on October 20 last.

During the attack the anti-liberation religious groups, under the banner, Towhidi Muslim Janata, vandalized Hindu a temple. They did not just stop there. They went on to destroy houses of local resident Rogunath Das, Shanti Ranjan Dey, Rajib Ratan Dey, and Narayan Chandra Dey.

Eye witnesses said that the extremists set fire on the motorbike of Rajib Ratan Dey. A local grocery shop of belonging to Pias Chandra Chowdhury was also vandalized. But thanks to the law enforcers who prevented further attacks when they intervened immediately after and save the Hindu communities and their proprieties from further damages.

Inspector Enamul Haque, officer-in-charge of Borhanduddin Police Station said that the attacks were carried on a Hindu Temple and Bhawal Bari. He, however, said that no one has lodged any case with the police station. Getting information, different human rights organizations including Ain O Salish Kendra’s senior coordinator Abu Ahmed Foyzul Kabir visited the area, local sources said.

Abidul Alim, general secretary of Bhola Theater said, “Like the procession that BNP-Jamaat and BJP ( Monju) leaders had brought out under the platform - Towhidi Muslim Janata, we had also brought out protest rallies on Monday despite a ban on any procession in Bhola.”

Local ruling party parliamentarian Ali Azam Mokul also said, “The conspirators are trying to create instability in the name of religion.” Local sources said BNP-Jamaat and BJP cadres first came to the spot with a small procession of around 40-50 people. The attacks on police originated from the procession.

Meanwhile, the police headquarters have instructed all operational unit to remain alert so that no one catch fish in the troubled water misusing the issue of the Bhola incident. Police have already found out about the persons and organizations who were involved in circulating rumors on Bhola incident.
As part of the ongoing stern action against the rumor mongers, a Khunla journalist was arrested on Sunday night at the instruction of the police headquarters.

He was identified as Ahmad Munir Shanti, Khulna Bureau chief of right wing national English daily The New Nation. Inspector Aslam Bahar Bulbul, officer-in-charge of Khulna Police Station said, “Munir was arrested in connection with baseless propaganda on Bhola incident.” Sub Inspector Md Shariful Islam file a case against him under the Digital Security Act.

Allegations mentioned that Munir was attempting to demoralize law enforcers by posting some anti-communal phrases in the social media. Centering the incident 19, including three Shibir leaders were apprehended in Chattogram. Our Staff Correspondent DS Sourav adds:

A youth was caught spreading pictures of senior police officers via social media using a series of religious hate posting. Rabiul Alam, the coordinator of the alleged party engaged in cyber crimes, was arrested by the police in Laldighi area of the Chattogram city. Through his posting he tried to instigate other police personnel to believe in what he had posted and act accordingly.

During the initial interrogation, Rabiul Alam, a resident of Banskhali and a worker at Sitakunda Ship Breaking Yard admitted in spreading the rumors through the social media at the direction of his guru Zakir in Hathazari area. From evening of Sunday (October 20th), posts of senior police officers, including CMP Commissioner Mahbubur Rahman, were spread through social media.

Every post was intended to go against religious sentiments full of hatred and provocations. Even rumors spread that the police had attacked the Hathazari Madrasa.