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Tourists throng ‘Shimul Bagan’ in Sunamganj

Published : 26 Feb 2020 08:46 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:10 PM

Tourists thronged ‘Shimul Bagan’ in Tahirpur upazila to enjoy the unique feature of this tree, that is there are no leaves remain during the Shimul blooming. In spring, it catches the eyes of the tourists when the flowers bloom together in over 2000 trees. It appears like a field of Bombax that has been decorated by imaginary colors.

‘Shimul Bagan’, a garden of Shimul tree (scientific name Bombax ceiba), wore a festive look with the presence of hundreds of tourists in the area. Joynal Abedin, a tree love, planted about 3,000 Shimul trees on 2,400 acres of land in 2003 beside Jadukata River. People also visit the river when they go there. 

After visiting the Shimul Bagan, tourists go to Barikkatila, from where they get the full view of the Jadukata River. During Winter, it’s hard to find the river as its remain dried. However, if travelers go there in rainy season, they will be able to see the river with full beam. At the end of this portion, Indian site started. 

Just adjacent to river side, there is another lake which is also known as ‘Niladri Lake’. While returning from Shimul Bagan, if anyone wish, they will be able to see the watermelon field, from where any one can have the test of fresh watermelon.  People also visit some places like niladri lake, baricca tilla, Tanguar haor when they come to the shimul garden.

How to go there:

There are a good number of buses including Ena, Shemoli or Mamun to reach Sunamganj from Dhaka.  Bus fare is about Tk 500. There are available train service also, train leave for Sylhet from Dhaka every morning and the fare is Tk 320. After reaching Sunamganj, tourist have to go Kumargaon bus-stand which will take Tk 90. 

From there, hire motorbike or CNG taxi standing on the opposite side of the new bridge to your next destination, Barek Tila River. It will take about Tk 150-200. The bike will drop you in Jadukata River and you have to pay TK five to reach the other side by ferry to the Barek Tila River.  Ask any of the local tea stores there and they will show you the direction to the Shimul Garden. From there, you can easily walk to reach your destination.