Tk 30 million development project being implemented at Mawlana Bhashani University

A development project involving Tk. 345,47,00,000 is being implemented at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University in Tangail with a speedy mode.

The university was established on October 12 in 1999 by the then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with the memory of the Great Leader Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. Since its establishment, the development process was very slow up to 2008. Now, it is marked on outstanding development process in the present government.

Considering the completed and the running projects, Dr Md Alauddin being designated as new VC on May 3 in 2013 identified the lack of infrastructural development, academic support and administrative services for the overall development of the university.

Dr. Md. Alauddin met President Md. Abdul Hamid, who is also Chancellor of the university, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to discuss about development of the university. He sought help from President and Prime Minister about solution of the problems of the university.

The President and the Prime minister confirmed cordially to cooperate and ensure taking all the measures for the development of the university by steps. With the continuation of this effort, the ECNEC on October 25 in 2016 sanctioned a project named “Strengthening Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University” of Tk. 345,77,000 for the duration of 2016- June, 2019 which is authorized earlier in 2016 by the university with the strong leadership of the honorable Vice Chancellor as a master plan for its infrastructural, academic and administrative development.

Under this authorized project, a land o 12.74 acre has been accorded. Besides this, a 12 storied academic cum research building, a 10 storied  administrative annex, upward expansion of 3rd, 4th & 5th floor of the third residential hall for the 250-students capacity, construction of 10 storied second residential hall having capacity of 700 female students, a residential hall up to 5 floors for 450 students with base of 10 floors, a 5 storied multi-purpose building with base of 10 floors, and a 5 storied residential building for the teachers with the base of 10 floors will be constructed.

Moreover, the project includes construction of a water filtering plant, constructions of RCC roads & culverts in the campus, RCC drain and dustbin with cover, connection of gas-lines to new establishments, purchase of furniture for the proposed buildings, scientific materials & lab-equipment, purchase of chemicals & glass wares, medical equipment, sports items & accessories, office stationaries, purchase of books & magazines for the central library, 2 buses for the students, 1 minibus & 1 micro-bus for the teachers. Hope, it will bring a significant changes in the infrastructural, academic & administrative facilities after the completion of the project and ensure a new environment for learning.

Meanwhile, a project of Tk. 5174 lacks (amended Tk. 5690 lacks) named “Mawlana Bhasani Science & Technology University Development” (for July, 2013- June, 2017) has been completed successfully on 30th June 2017. The project included a residency for the honorable VC, 2nd residential hall for 250 students, 2nd residential hall for 250 female students, set-up a dormitory for the third & fourth class employees (20 Units), construction of new academic building, construction of electric sub-station, construction of university border wall, purchase of generator, and purchase of an ambulance.

Besides, under the cluster project of “Development of Public Universities”, a development work of Tk. 37,50,00,000 has been done successfully for the period of July, 2008 to June, 2016. The project included construction of a library cum cafeteria, a residential hall (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall) for the 400 students, a 5 storied dormitory of 30 units for the teachers & the officers, upward expansion ( 3rd & 4th floor) of 2 storied academic building.

Since its establishment, the infrastructural facilities were not adequate for the smooth operation of the university having 15 depts. of 5 faculties. So, the regular activities of the university were always hampered. But after joining of Dr. Md. Alauddin as the VC for second time, the development activities gets faster and speedy with new initiatives taken and the project “Strengthening of Mawlana Bhasani Science & Technology University” is running to be succeed. The running project is expected to solve the current crisis of the university regarding infrastructural, academic & administrative functions. More depts. will be opened to get more students to be enrolled. The departments launching newly are under the process of being considered by UGC.

The new VC after his first joining already has launched new departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology & Pharmacy to upgrade the academic opportunities with new trend and global demand. after his joining in second time, he launched more departments including English, Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Recently he has taken steps to make two departments named Management & accounting of Business Administration which will be added by.

Physical infrastructures being developed, more students will get the opportunities to be enrolled in the university by opening new departments. It will help the university playing pioneering role to make skilled manpower. With this, the country will be enriched with more skilled resources to accelerate the economic wheel of the country, more environment-friendly as well as enhance the socio-economic development by eliminating poverty, make people free from hunger and satisfy the ultimate need to implement the 7th 5-Year Plan of the government.