Tk 14k dairy now has Tk 20m cattle

Amirul Islam’s Tanmay Dairy Farm in Ishwardi

Dreaming big dremas is Amirul Islam’s habit. At present he dreams of building a large scale milk village where all kinds of milk-based nutritious foods would be made for the children; so that people can easily buy the foods from the village.

Dairy farm owner Amirul Islam from Ishwardi in pabna wanted to be an ideal teacher; but his wish was not fulfilled due to the sudden death of his father. Being the only male child among seven siblings, he had to take charge of the family at an early age.

Amirul’s Tanmay Dairy Farm is situated half a kilometere away from the pucca road at Boarampur village under Laxshmikunda union under the upazila.

Surrounding his dairy farm acres of vegetables fileds lie as far as the eyes go. The vegetables fileds are spotted with small or medium dairy farms here and there. All these farms sprouted in the village following his success story. Local unemployed youths set up the farms being inspired by his example, becoming self-reliant.

Besides production and distribution of milk, Amirul’s farm, established on a four bigha land, produces compost organic fertiliser and bio-gas from the cow dung to fulfil his residential fuel demand.

His farm distributes milk free of cost for children on every Friday.

Surpassing upazila and district level, fame of Amirul’s exemplary and visionary efforts have spread across the country. To get first-hand experience, entrepreneurs and agriculture enthusiasts from across the country come to his farm.

In 1994, Amirul bought a high-breed cow at Tk 14,600. Being inspired with the outcome, he decided to establish a farm after his father’s death. The farm that started its journey with a cow of Tk 14,600 has now 128 high-breed cattle and goats worth Tk 20 million, besides gaining reputation as one of most successful dairy farm in the country.

The farm every day produces 460 to 550 litres of milk. Every year the farm sells more than 50 calves, earning Tk 20 to 25 lakh. Now an 11 bigha land has been bought to expand the farm more.

Amirul himself takes care of the cattle of his farm, giving primary treatment if attacked by diseases. When needed, he takes advice from upazila agriculture office.

Amirul said one has to be hard working and patient to make a farm successful. He has to remain satisfied with small income.

“Many farm owners do not make good use of cow dung considering it a wastage. But it can be used easily to produce bio-gas. O farm owner has to think this way,” he added.

Ishwardi upazila agriculture officer Abdul Latif said Amirul is a successful and model dairy farm owner in the country. He has preserved the history of different varieties of cows in his farm. Many comes to his farm from across the country to get first-hand knowledge in farming.