Thyrocare Bangladesh brings mentorship programmes for Future Leaders

Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited launched a one-year mentorship program for the winners of ‘Thyrocare Niaz Morshed Leadership Scholarship Award’. This mentorship program will promote leadership skills of the students. 

The leadership scholarship award program was held in various reputed colleges around Dhaka city, where the jury board has selected 15 potential candidates. Out of 15 students, 11 outstanding students have been awarded with Tk 1,00,000 and the remaining 4 were awarded with scholarship award. All 15 students will participate in the mentorship program.

Nominated candidates will go through the mentorship program including 10-12 sessions in year 2020. The students will receive various training on interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills, including other proficiencies. An expert team from Thyrocare Bangladesh will conduct training sessions on diverse subjects with the students.

After completing the one-year mentorship program, all the 15 students will be encouraged to be mentor for other students to create more future leaders. 

On this occasion, Reaz Islam, Founder and Chairman of Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited, Thyrocare Bangladesh said, “Our purpose of this program is to promote future leaders. Our number 1 priority is to help these highly potential students to reach their full potential and also help others, who are less privileged along the way. You are all privileged, qualified and has the qualities of a leader. We expect you to work as a team and lend your helping hand to those who need help.”

Niaz Morshed, Chess Grandmaster and sponsor for ‘Thyrocare Niaz Morshed Leadership Scholarship Award’ said, “It is a stand out initiative and has the potential to be a movement in future. You are in a sensitive age with ups and downs ahead of you. With proper guidance and mentorship, you can excel in things that you are passionate about. At the end of the day, what matters most is how you contribute to the society.”