Three-wheelers create gridlock in Kishoreganj

Published : 05 Apr 2022 11:13 PM

Kishoreganj is a city of about three lakh people. About 24,500 people live in each square kilometer. This ancient city was once known as the city of peace to the people. In the last five years, the city has become uninhabitable. Life is poisoned by severe traffic jams and horrible sound pollution. Kishoreganj citizens are frustrated with the ban on three-wheelers and auto rickshaws. Passenger ups and downs and horn violence have become the daily companions of the people of this city by making stands everywhere without following the traffic rules.

Meanwhile, in the municipal area of 10.37 sq km, more than 600 three-wheelers are allowed to operate, but more than five and a half thousand are operating. The local administration's statement in resolving the crisis is 'trying'.

Citizens complain that most of the roads in the city are narrow is Kishoreganj is an ancient town compared to the other towns in Bangladesh. A significant portion of this is occupied by parking and shopkeepers. As a result, the city has no access to sidewalks except for a handful of roads. And when people walk down the alley, almost all these auto rickshaws go up on the body.

It can be seen on the spot that passengers are stuck in traffic jam at Sadar Hospital, Judge Court area, Kalibari Moor, Puranthana, Ekrampur, Terpatti Moor, Barabazar, Gouranga Bazar, Akhra Bazar Moor for about 30 to 40 minutes. But the walking distance is 5 to 7 minutes.

According to the source, at ten points of the city, there are twenty-two traffic and a total of fifty-two traffic. However, their role in reducing traffic congestion is negligible.

Traffic Inspector Abdul Hamid said that if 6,000 easy bikes were used instead of 600 easy bikes, traffic jams would naturally occur. Traffic jams occur all over the city, especially when large trucks or vehicles enter. Apart from this, three-wheelers and auto rickshaws coming from the villages are causing traffic jams. Going to the hospital with the patient, nothing can be said considering the humanitarian. But we are trying our best.

District's 'Nirapod Sarak Chai' president Firoz Uddin Bhuiyan said the traffic jam has reached unbearable levels. Illegal sidewalks and the road are short. Long-term planning is needed to build a walking city. Which is urgent for the municipal authority? Traffic jams can also be eased by holding public awareness meetings. We are also conducting public awareness campaign on behalf of the organization.

Kishoreganj Municipality Mayor Md. Parvez Mia said, "It is important for all of us including the Deputy Commissioner, Police Super, BRTA and representatives of the municipality to reduce traffic congestion." Not possible for me alone.

It is to be mentioned that easybike has been launched in Kishoreganj city since 2010. In the last six and a half years, the number of easybikes has exceeded five thousand. It was decided in the last few days that six hundred easy bikes will be used in the city. To that end, the municipal authorities have licensed 600 easybikes. The municipal authorities could not remove the remaining 5,000 easy bikes from Mishuk town.