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The way Khaled enters Jubo league

Published : 25 Sep 2019 10:39 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:00 PM

The much talked about Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan, the expelled Jubo League leader, was accorded the key position in the organisation at the request of some top underworld criminals.

Sources said that the decision to confer Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan the position of Organizing Secretary in his unit was given by Dhaka City (South) Jubo League President Ismail Hossain Somrat after Jishan had requested Somrat.

Jishan is now a fugitive believed to be hiding in Germany and wanted by the International Criminal Police Organization or INTERPOL as one of the top terrorists of Bangladesh.

Khaled at the same time had also convinced and managed an influential presidium member of the ruling Awami League and a top brass of Jubo League to grasp the post.

Sources claimed that for the last eight to nine months, Khaled had stopped sending money to Jishan. Somrat also supported the decision of not sending money to Jishan. However, controversial contactor GK Shamim, who is now under arrest, continued sending money to Jishan for his own safety. 

Jishan had instructed Shamim to cut off all relations with Khaled and Somrat. But he refused saying that he would not be able to safe and survive in Dhaka without the support of Khalid and Somrat. Following his denial, Jishan had planned to kill Shamim, Khaled and Somrat to take full control in the underworld.

According to the sources, Jishan’s second in command Najir Ahmed alias Nadim had assigned some known professional killers to implement the plan of killing the three Jubo League leaders, all of who were once close associates of Jishan.

Nadim, son of one Nur Nabi, originates from the same village that Somrat comes from - Porshuram Upazila in Feni district.

Nadim introduced a Chinese beautiful girl name Cynd Lia, to Somrat. Whenever Somrat visited Singapore, Somrat stayed with her. He also introduced her as her future wife.

But when a serious dispute developed, Nadim went to take the side of Jishan.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, former Motijheel Thana Chattra League general secretary Sohel Shariar said, “I personally requested Somrat Bhai not to give Khaled any post in Jubo League as he was involved with politics of BNP and Foredoom Party. Nevertheless, he was apparently awarded the key position in the organisation.”

He also said that a top terror of Dhaka’s underworld had lobbied in favour of Khaled in securing such an important position in Jubo League although Khaled had no past record of doing politics for Awami League earlier.

Meanwhile, sources in the law enforcing agencies said that senior investigators are interrogating both GK Shamim and Khaled face to face at the Detective Branch office from Wednesday to unveil the names of their armed cadres, patrons and sources of illegal arms. Despite several attempts, no officials of Dhaka Metropolitan Police agreed to disclose a single word about the outcome of their interrogation.