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Terrorist Jishan’s Dubai life and his business

Published : 30 Sep 2019 08:21 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 06:59 AM

The fugitive top terror Jishan owns and runs two luxurious night clubs in Dubai city, located in one of the seven states of United Arab Emirates which is also a global attraction and the business hub of the Middle East. Sources said that Jishan has also big partnerships in several other night clubs which is being run by some Indian businessmen.

Bangladesh Post gained access to some exclusive information about Jishan and his lifestyle while speaking to one of the former top terrorists who was a very close associate of Jishan. The source on condition of anonymity said that Jishan owns two night clubs in the UAE city of Dubai. He also has shares in several night clubs with some Indian businessmen in Dubai.

He said that one of the two night clubs is located at Dera in Dubai while the other night club known as - Mosco Club is situated at one of the most lavish tourist hubs in Fujairah City Tower, located in United Arab Emirates and Oman. The source added that Jishan has other businesses, including car showrooms where luxury cars are put on display for sale and motor workshop where spare parts of vehicles are also sold. Jishan’s younger brother Shamim and former BCL leader Shakil Mazhar said to be looking after all his businesses.

Shamim has settled in Malaysia. But he often visits Dubai for supervising the business that Jishan owns. Shamim is allegedly involved in several killings including murder of Kader Mollah in Mogbazar area in the city. To save Shamim from facing murder allegations Jishan had arranged his stay in Dubai in 2005. Meanwhile, Shakil is a key accused in the killing of Dhaka South City’s assistant secretary Rajib murder case. TNT Nadim, second in command of Jishan was also present in the murder of Rajib. After the murder, Rajib Nadim fled the country.

A source said that Jishan had given Tk 17 crore to GK Shamim. Despite the latest disputes, GK Shamim attempted to solve the dispute with Jishan by providing Jishan with a share of Shamim’s illegal money. Shamim, irrespective of trying to solve the disputes, had fears of being killed by Jishan. As a cautionary measure, Shamim had appointed seven gunmen to ensure his security.

Jishan, who came to limelight after the recent arrest of Shamim is an accused in more than two dozen murder cases including murders of two police officers in city’s Chowdhurypara. He is said to be controlling the underworld from abroad for a long time. Several law enforcing agencies came to know that Jishan was providing support to both Khaled and Shamim in manipulating tenders for constructions of mega projects. However, around nine months ago, a dispute was created between Jishan and Shamim over the issue of Khaled. Intelligence agencies said Jishan is currently holding Indian passport. In obtaining the passport he spent lakhs and also changed his name.

This correspondent also obtained a digital image copy of his Indian passport. The passport has validity for next ten years. According to the image copy of the passport, Jishan’s name appears as Ali Akbar Chowdhury. The address that he used is Sarda Polli, Ghanaila, Malugram Silchar, Cachar of Indian State of Assam. His parent’s names have also been altered. His father is Habibur Rahman Chowdhury and his mother is Rinaj Rahman Chowdhury as shown in his passport.

His Indian passport was issued from the Indian High Commission in Dubai. The issuing date of his passport is 7 June, 2009. On June 6 this year his passport had expired but it was renewed for another ten years.