Teacher shortage hampers pry schools in Ishwardi

Published : 01 Sep 2019 08:02 PM | Updated : 03 Sep 2020 01:27 AM

Teaching  is being hampared because of  the shortage of teachers at Ishwardi Upazila Governement Primary School. 51 posts of teachers including head teacher and assistant teacher are vacant in the school. Many schools have only three or four teachers. As a result, the students are not getting  proper environment for study.

Besides, the students cannot take part in the assembly as the school yard turned into a  muddy ground because of the poor drainage system.

Accroding to office of upazila primary education, there are 100 government primary schools in Ishwardi. The number of total student is 35,500 in these institutions. There are 704 teachers against 755 posts. There are 100 headmasters and 655 assistant teachers in the upazila. However, 12 posts of headmaster and 39 posts of assistant teachers remain vacant.

In fact, administration work is hampered because of vacancy of the post of the headmasters of schools and all over educational systems became hamper for these vacant posts.

As  a result, quality of primary level education is under the threat.

A primary school teacher requesting anonymus said, more than five-six years promotion from assitant teacher to headmaster is remained closed. And for that reason teacher crisis remain a big question for this upazila.

Upazila Primary education officer, Mrinal Kanti Sarker told to Bangladesh Post it is true that there is teacher crisis in this upazila. We've already send a list for these vacant posts of assistant teacher and headmaster  to the office of District of primary education office. Meanwhile, recruitment of teachers have started. However, we will over come this worst situation very soon.