Taking to streets with sticks hanging flags

Resist evil forces, ensure public safety

Published : 29 Sep 2022 08:57 PM

Hanging the national flag with sticks, leaders and activists of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) are now taking to the streets. They also are issuing threat that the sticks would be much longer. So, tension starts running high among the people of the country as they fear BNP is going to repeat its violent activities like in the past.

Political parties have the right to carry out movement, and criticise the government in a functional democracy. But when a political party’s leaders take to the streets hanging the national flag with sticks and attack the cops, journalists and pedestrians, it must not be tolerated.   

The BNP has started doing politics of violence again and its leaders want more dead bodies on the streets ahead of the national elections. The stick had gone from politics, but the party has brought it back with hanging the national flag. But the country peace loving people and pro-liberation forces want to get rid of the curse of frequent terror acts patronised by BNP-Jamaat clique. Country’s people do not want see hooliganism again. We want all political parties to carry out their movement systematically. 

Tight security measures will 

have to be taken across the 

country ahead of the 

national elections

In January 2015, the BNP and its allies enforced nearly a ceaseless blockade and hartal for the first three months of the year. Street violence left at least 95 people killed and about 1,000 others injured, mostly in targeted arson attacks on public transports during that time. However, Dhaka Metropolitan Police on Wednesday imposed restrictions on carrying sticks, batons or similar domestic weapons to any kind of gathering including political processions and rallies.

The government will have to do everything possible to ensure security of businesses, lives and property of the country’s people ahead of the national elections. The present government should be very strict to maintain law and order. In this regard, tight security measures will have to be taken across the country ahead of the national elections.

Additional law enforcement personnel will have to be deployed to strengthen surveillance, especially in the capital and other big cities and towns considering the current situation. Besides, block raids should be carried out on suspicious residential hotels, multi-storied buildings, mess, halls and houses 15 months ahead of the upcoming Jatiya Sangsad polls to ensure safety of the people.