Symptoms & Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

Signs of Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease:

In this stage, more intensive supervision and care become necessary, which can be difficult for many spouses and families. Symptoms may include:

•    Increased memory loss and confusion

•    Inability to learn new things

•    Difficulty with language and problems with reading, writing, and working with numbers

•    Difficulty organizing thoughts and thinking logically

•    Shortened attention span

•    Problems coping with new situations

•    Difficulty carrying out multistep tasks, such as getting dressed

•    Problems recognizing family and friends

•    Hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia

•    Impulsive behavior such as undressing at inappropriate times or places or using vulgar language

•    Inappropriate outbursts of anger

•    Restlessness, agitation, anxiety, tearfulness, wandering—especially in the late afternoon or evening

Courtesy: nia.nih