Sylhet Central Bus Terminal awaiting inauguration

Published : 05 Oct 2022 09:36 PM

Sylhet central bus terminal is going to be inaugurated soon. The construction of the much-awaited Central Bus Terminal is coming to an end almost two years after the scheduled time. Built with a blend of tradition and modernity, this bus terminal is called to be the most modern and beautiful bus terminal in the country. It is said that all modern and high-quality services can be found here. There are separate entrances and exits like an airport. A huge waiting lounge with about 1500 seats for passengers. Construction of the Sylhet Central Bus Terminal is almost complete. Preparations for the inauguration are underway.

Bidhayok Roy Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer of the City Corporation said, now only some finishing work is left. Preparations are being taking for the inauguration. The people of Sylhet want to be inaugurated this terminal by the Prime Minister. Or in his absence, the local government minister and the foreign minister can also inaugurate. He thinks that the inauguration will be possible by the coming November.

In 2018, under the project funded by the World Bank, the work of the terminal started at 63 crore taka under the initiative of Sylhet City Corporation, later it increased to 67 crore taka. The work was supposed to be completed in 2020 but the period was extended till June 2022. But due to Corona and flood, the completion of the work is delayed, says Helal Uddin, senior project engineer of Dali Construction.

Helal Uddin said that the steel tin of this project is brought from Taiwan. Iron bars for steel structures imported from China. Besides, everything has been tested in Buet. Like the airport, a huge waiting space has been kept. There are parking zones and green zones covered with trees. Where buses can move or passengers can get on and off without any trouble. The multipurpose building for transport workers will have various facilities including a large hall, office, separate washroom for women, feeding zone, and rest room. There is a maximum security system for the passengers.

 1500 general and 48 VIP seats available. Work on the terminal started in 2018 at a cost of Tk 63 crore financed by the World Bank. After the first and second variations, it ended up at Tk 67 crore. After the start of the work, the work was stopped for several months due to the coronavirus. After Corona, the work started in full swing, but due to the product crisis and the terrible flood in Sylhet, the work slowed down. All in all, it will be one of the most beautiful buildings of international standards in the country.

A 3-floor complex is being implemented on the 6-floor foundation. This bus terminal has been built by combining the traditional Assam-type houses of Sylhet and Ali Amjad's clock with modern architecture. This terminal is spread over an area of 8 acres at the site of the old bus terminal in the Kadmatoli area of the city.

City Corporation Supervising Engineer Ali Akbar said that the bus terminal was supposed to be completed in June. But natural disasters stood in the way. The World Bank is financing through LGED. This bus terminal in Sylhet will be the most beautiful and modern in the country. The aesthetic architectural style will also catch everyone's eye. Besides, the facilities will also be unique. All the work is done, and some small works are being completed. All preparations are being made for the opening. The local government minister and the foreign minister can also inaugurate. Time will be fixed by talking to them.

On the surface, the terminal area can be seen, and the final stage of work is underway. Crafted red brick walls, brick-colored steel canopy, vegetated green zone. Airport-style separate entrances and exits. A huge waiting lounge with about 1500 seats for passengers. The new terminal was designed by Subrata Das, Robin Dey, and Mohammad Jasim Uddin, three teachers from the Department of Architecture of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology.

Regarding the design, Subrata Dey said that the design of the bus terminal has combined the tradition and modernity of Sylhet. Sylhet's local heritage Assam-type houses, designed on the clock of Chandnighat. At the same time, the modern architectural style has been coordinated. All facilities are arranged to make the bus terminal as their own for the passengers. Besides, it has been designed keeping in mind the geography or weather of Sylhet. Since Sylhet is an earthquake-prone area, this matter has been taken seriously. Earlier this terminal did not have these facilities. Hope everyone will like this bus terminal.

Those concerned said that the length of the exit building of the first part of the entire terminal is 300 feet. 48 buses can stay together in this section. 30 ticket counters and separate rooms for prayers. There are also 6 toilets for men, women, and disabled people. If necessary, the toilet can also be used with a wheelchair. There is an elevator to go up. Restaurants and food courts for meals. Separate bed and breast-feeding zone for passengers who suddenly fall ill.

The second section of the terminal has separate arrivals and departures but the entire facility is connected by corridors. At the west-south corner of this building is the terminal operation and management office in a circular 5-floor tower building along the road. Where there will be a security control and CCTV monitoring room of the entire terminal, police room, and tourism office.

A multipurpose welfare center has been constructed in the third part behind the terminal. Where there will be a 24-bed rest room, shower facility, office, locker facility, canteen, and multipurpose auditorium for meetings and events for the owners and drivers association.