Students welcome spring amid pitha utshob in Bogura

Students of Bogura Government Mujibur Rahman Women College welcome spring amid pitha utshob and cultural programme at the premises of the college in Bogura on Sunday. Head of the institution Johra Wahida Rahman and President of District Awami League Mojibor Rahman Majnu jointly inaugurated the programme.

Students displayed different types of pithas like Pithapuli, Vapa pitha, Chitoy pitha, Rosogolla pitha, Fool pitha, Tali pitha, pakora, papor, Jhalpitha, fooljhuri, Bokul pitha, Khejur pitha, Kheer pitha, Dimpitha, Khorma pitha, Patisapta pitha, Elish pitha at their stalls. These pithas were sold at Tk10 to Tk100. 

Student of 2nd year of the college Onnesha Das, Rumki, Sara, Sumi said this type of programme should be organized in every year. At that time, joint secretary of Bogura District Awami League Asadur Rahman Dulu along with other leaders of college Chhatra League was also present.