Story of a successful sheep rearer

Published : 23 Aug 2021 08:56 PM

After the completion of his BBA and MBA from a private University, Almas Sarker of village Nimaichara of Chatmohar under Pabna district served under various private companies from 2013 to 2017. But, he was not satisfied with the jobs. In May-2018, he abandoned the job and started to rear 10 Black-Bengal goats at his house. Within a year, he starts to get a good return. He also started to rear Garol variety of sheep and in two-year of period, Almas now owns 51 garols and 27 goats. He is now a successful Garol and Goat rearer.

Almas Sarker said he started goat and sheep (garol) rearing as he wanted to be self-reliant. In addition to rearing Black Bengal goats, he purchased five lambs( kids) of garols, each four months aged, from Mujibnagar of Meherpur district. Those garols adapted to the local climate and were consuming all types of food. They were also growing fast and had a well disease resistance capacity. Watching their smooth growth, he purchased seven more garol kids six-month later. And in 2021, he purchased 12 more gorol kids. The garols which were purchased first were multiplied by breeding more kids. By this time, he sold 10 lamb garols at Tk 100,000. Adult female garols gave birth to lambs after every seven-months. He sold each four-month ag

He further informed, he was now rearing the cross-breed of goats instead of Black Bengal goats. The cross-breed variety of goats have a speedy growth with gaining weight. He has already sold 65 goats from his firm. ed lamb at Tk 4,000. He has named his firm as 'Sarker Goat and Sheep Firm' . Now, Almas owns 51 garols and 27 goats in his firm. 

Almas said, it requires granular food and leaves worth Tk 550 daily for feeding 78 sheep ( garols) and goats. Moreover, a caretaker has been appointed at Tk 12,000 salary per month for taking care of the animals. Doctors from the local Animal Resource department vaccinate the stocks at his farm every six months. He added, he has so far spent Tk 700,000 for making the animal shed and other costs. At present his firm holds garols and goats worth Tk 12 to 13 lakh.He further said, there is a great demand for the garol. He advised to build the garol farms in a small scale at first for the new entrepreneurs. He informed each adult male garol can weigh 60 to 70 kgs and female ones can weigh 35 to 40 kgs.

Upazila Animal Resource Officer Dr Roknuzzaman informed rearing of Garol is very profitable. We encourage people to rear this domestic animal. Garol can also suit the climate of the country successfully. Rearing of Black-Bengal goats is also profitable. Black Bengal goat also gave birth to five to six kids a year. The flesh of the goat is also delicious.