Stakeholder involvement in climate change projects stressed

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has stressed involvement of stakeholders in the implementation process of climate change-related projects from the initial stages, so that effective outcomes are ensured. The minister came up with the view while addressing the "Global Programming Conference" in Songdo, Incheon city of South Korea on Monday.

Global Climate Fund (GCF) has organised the 5-day conference with objectives towards 'Realising Climate Ambitions'. While addressing the panellists’ session, the minister briefly described the action and activities so far taken by the Government of Bangladesh to tackle the issue of climate change adaptability, combat, challenges and latest development of the implementation of the projects undertaken in this regard so far. Mustafa Kamal is leading a high level delegation from Bangladesh that also comprises the Secretary, Economic Relations Division (ERD) and other senior officials from ministries concerned.

Ministers from a total of 10 countries, high level government officials, think-tanks, CSOs, and NGOs are participating in the 5 day event. At the high level forum, ministers have articulated how their countries are responding to the urgency for climate action with ambitious plans while the heads of Accredited Entities have demonstrated how they will support countries to realize these ambitions with GCF support.

Experts, participating in the conference, opine that the world is critically vulnerable to climate change. The future of the world is under threat with facing multifarious impacts arising from climate change. They stressed on finding out ways and means to support the partner countries to address this issue sustainably.