Special security cell to check question leak

Close the loophole in question distribution system

Published : 16 Jul 2022 07:58 PM

The authorities concerned have formed a special security cell to check question paper leakage in the public examinations and university admission and other competitive recruitment tests. BG Press’s question paper section has been separated from the printing section. Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, metal detectors, paper detectors, vault doors, and camcorders have been installed at question paper section and printing section in the BG Press.

Some 62 cops of the two specialised units of police department have also been added to the special security cell. They are on duty round the clock to deal with any sort of wrong doing with an iron hand.

Needless to mention, frequent incidents of question paper leak will destroy the country’s education system and ruin the brilliant youths as well as their future. The qualified and talented youths having higher educational qualifications from different prestigious universities are failing to get job while a section of unskilled and dishonest people are allegedly getting employed due to question paper leakage. 

Our students and job seekers should be 

evaluated in a proper and transparent manner 

Such criminal offence is very unfortunate for a nation as it destroys the hopes and futures of brilliant and qualified students and job seekers as well. Although the law enforcers detained many people in connection with question leaks in government job recruitment tests and other public examinations, they could not track down the main players.

Alongside special security cell, the government must develop some innovative systems including introduction of lottery to choose question sets and special security envelope so that the question papers are not leaked. The authorities concerned will have to recruit honest, tested, trusted, skilled and qualified citizens for printing of the question papers.

Leakage of question paper exposes our moral degradation, to say the least. Students, jobseekers and their guardians are deeply worried over the regular incidents of question paper leak. We hope the special security cell will significantly contribute to checking question leak.

Apart from government measures, we all have to work to bring about a qualitative change in society and put up a strong resistance against graft. The examinations should be transparent and corruption-free and the government must not tolerate those trying to play with the future of students and jobseekers. Our brilliant and qualified students and job seekers should be evaluated in proper and transparent way and their dreams must not be shattered in the future.