Snatching incident rises in Kishoreganj

Snatching incidents have increased in Kishoreganj recently. The victims say that the police often play a role of silence. If they had done their own job, snatching incidents would not have increased. The snatchers threaten the lives of peoples. Many of the victims were unable to overcome the panic. Anxiety is increasing among the public. The peaceful city of Kishoreganj is becoming turbulent today.

An alarming number of snatching incident took place at various locations in the district in the past one month. Only few of the victims went to the police instead of all.  

Kishoreganj CAB President Alam Sarwar Titu said snatching incident is increasing at an alarming rate in Kishoreganj. The drug dealer and the hipsters who has a strong syndicate are allegedly behind this. No recourse can be given to the criminal cycle. The activities of the RAB and police in the city should be increased and the criminal cycle should not be discounted in any way. Kishoreganj Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Abu Bakar Siddique said, “We are always working to maintain the law and order. We are investigating snatching cases and apprehending the accused.”