SMMC protests attack on students

Published : 28 Nov 2020 09:48 PM
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A case has been filed accusing 22 persons mentioning Moniruzzaman Swadhin, Managing Director of Shah Makhdum Medical College as the mastermind of the incident of attacking the students of the college, with Chandrima Police station under RMP om Friday night. 

Injured student Ashikur Rahman filed the case as the plaintiff. 

Officer-in-charge of Chandrima Police station Sirajum Munir informed, the case has been filed by mentioning names of nine persons and 13 anonymous. Police arrested one of the accused on Friday night. 

Police have been deployed at the college campus to check further escalation of the incident. 

It is learnt, on the evening of Friday last, 22 to 22 armed cadres headed by Mithu and Tutu, brothers of Managing Director of Shah Makhdum Medical College, attacked on the students of the college injuring 12 students. The injured students are under treatment at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. 

Meanwhile, students of Shah Makhdum Medical College took out a protest procession and held meeting at the college campus on Saturday in protest against the attack on the students and arrest of the attackers.  The speakers at the meeting also demanded to complete migration of the students of this medical college to other private medical colleges as directed by the Ministry of Health as soon as possible.   

Students of Shah MakhdumMeical College further alleged that the private medical college has been operating from its very inception with hired teachers, rented building and on rented instruments from 2013.

Since the Medical College failed to fulfill conditions of running a private medical college, the Ministry of Health through a circular issued on November-2, 2020, declared the operation of the Medical College closed and also directed the authorities of Rajshahi Medical University to take step immediately to migrate a total of 225 students of the college to other private medical colleges.

Meanwhile, authorities of Shah Makhdum Medical College appealed to the ministry for reviewing the decision of closure of the college. As per the application, a team from concerned ministry was supposed to visit and inspect the college on Saturday.

 To satisfy the visiting teams, the college authorities were procuring medical equipment on rental or hire basis from other college and were storing those in the labs of the college.

By watching the storing of such equipment in the labs from other places, some students of the college were snapping photographs of those equipment when the armed cadres of the college authorities headed by Mithu and Tutu attacked and injured those students. 

Students of the college further informed, the college authorities from the first ever of its inception have been publicising through its website that the college is running properly with 40 - teachers, students and required equipment.

 As a result, a huge number of students were being admitted to this college by paying a large amount of fees and money.  The students further complained there is no proper academic atmosphere at the college campus, there is no equipment and no regular teachers.

Whenever, any team from the concerned ministry arrives, the college authorities hired the equipment for the time being and retuned those equipment to the owners as soon as the inspection is over. 

MuniruzzamanSwadhin, Managaing Director of Shah Makhdum Medical College informed, being informed of the visit of the Inspection Team from the Ministry, sone students tried to create anarchy by entering into the campus of Friday evening when the staff of the college resisted them but the students attacked those staff.