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Smiling lady leads cheat gang!

Published : 28 Jan 2020 09:34 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 07:13 AM

Tayeen Aziz Chowdhury, a young and ever-smiling lady with heavy make-up, allegedly leads a fraud gang that extorts in the name of sending youths abroad.

 She seems to be a high profile corporate woman, but behind her deceiving looks, her gangs appoint brokers across the country to net unsuspecting foreign job-seekers. 

They collect unemployed youths and assure them to be sent abroad with high salary. But after taking the money, the boss lady secretly changes her rented office one after another.

However, her cheating never stops. She again rents another luxurious flat for using it as her headquarters.

Thus, Tayeen Aziz Chowdhury, and her influential gang members are allegedly cheating dozens of youths from different parts of the country for years.

During an exclusive investigation of the Bangladesh Post, this correspondent  talked to at least four separate victims of the Tayeen Aziz gang.

Ratul Hasan, hailing from Narsingdi district, lives at a rented house in city’s Badda area. Around one year ago, he got in touch with Md Shajahan, a key-associate of suspected fraud Tayeen Aziz.

Shajahan gave Ratul a visiting card mentioning himself as Marketing Manager of the Global Air Link, the fraud manpower company.

He also offered him saying that the company was sending huge numbers  of youth to Fiji. He told that everyone will get at least Tk 70,000 salary  per month.

At one stage, Ratul decided to visit the office of the Global Air Link in city’s Banasree area.

He was introduced to Tayeen Aziz Chowdhury, who claimed herself as the Managing Director of the firm.

The charming lady made Ratul agree to deposit money for going to Fiji on a working visa. For this purpose, he deposited total Tk 3,73,000/- to Tayeen Aziz through her manager Shajahan.

Another victim, was Alkas Miah, son of one Md Habib Ullah, hailing from Brahmanbaria district.

His brother Mehedi Hasan, a Dhaka University student said, “ I know about the company through social media.”

Later, I went to the office of Tayeen Aziz. I was convinced by her very polite behaviour and smiling face. Later, I deposited total 1,01,000 with her, he described.

After giving this portion of money, she sent Mehedi a copy of so-called  group work permit of Fiji in his Facebook inbox.

Bangladesh Post correspondent also collected the copy of the so-called work permit.

According to the documents, the short term permits for Alkas Miah,Liakat Ali,Md Alamin and Md Anwar Hossain  were issued by the Fiji Immigration Department under the Ministry of Immigration, National Security & Defense.

This letter was issued in favour of  the renowned JKF Hotel in Fiji.

After getting the work permit for my brother Alkas Mia, I became suspicious about the originality of the work permit. I communicated with the JKF Hotel authority in Fiji, Mehedi continued.

During the conversation with Mehedi, the JKF Hotel authority clearly informed him that no work permit was issued in favor of the hotel for Bangladeshi workers. 

JKF authority also warned Mehedi that someone is making a fool of him.

At this moment, Mehedi became sure that he was cheated by Tayeen Aziz gang.

He said, “ I then several times communicated with the fraud lady for getting my money back. But she is yet to return any of the money.”

I earned money by working as a tutor. I dreamed to change our family’s financial crisis by sending my brother abroad. But the cheat lady has destroyed all my dreams, he said crying.

Responding to a question, Mehedi said, “ I complained to local Rampura Police Station in this regard. A police team also visited the office of the fraud lady. But there was no result.”

Another victim Ratul said, “ I communicated with some officials of Rapid Action Battalion for getting justice. They advised me to lodge a written complaint.”

Responding to a question, he however said, “ Tayeen assured me of returning my money by February.”

Describing the miseries, another victim Md Sarwar Azam, hailing from Cox’s Bazar said, “ I worked with Net Park, an event management company. I also deposited money with Tayeen Aziz. She first assured to send me to Iraq on a work visa. Later she promised to send me to Fiji on a handsome salary.”

But she did not keep her words at all, Sarwar alleged.

Responding to a question, the victim said, “  Tayeen’s manager Shajahan is also a big cheat. He also took money to his personal bank accounts and mobile banking accounts saying that he would adjust the money before he sends me to Fiji.”

But now he does not receive my phone call, he added.

This correspondent asked accused Shajahan about the allegation against him on phone.

Receiving the phone call, he first claimed to be a staff of Shajahan. Later, he admitted that he himself was Shajahan.

He said, “ I worked as marketing manager of Tayeen Aziz. But she could not finish any work. At one stage, I left the firm.”

Responding to a question, he also admitted that his ex-boss Tayeen Aziz is involved in cheating.

About the cheating allegations against her, the mastermind of the fraud syndicate said, “ The allegations raised against me are fake.”

Replying to a question, the alleged  kingpin said, “ No one can check the visa of Fiji before getting  manpower clearance.”

She admitted that she has no recruiting license for exporting manpower. 

This correspondent several times asked her to submit documents in her favour. Instead, she repeatedly  lobbied not to publish the news.

Two alleged gang members of Tayeen Aziz also pressured not to publish the news.

Sub-Inspector Humayun Kabir of Rampura Police Station, who is aware of the issue said, “ I visited the office of the lady. It is true that she took money in the name of sending some people abroad.”

I also asked her to return the money, he said adding,” If the victims come to file case, we shall take necessary steps.”

Md. Shamsul Alam, Director General of the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training said,” Those who have no recruiting licenses, are frauds. No one can send workers abroad without the license.”

This correspondent tried to talk to State Minister for Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmad, but he could not be reached despite several attempts.