Smart card for 6-yr old children

The Election Commission has decided to provide National Identity Card or Smart Card for all the citizens including those who are six years old. Recently, the EC’s committee on distribution of smart card to all citizens led by election commissioner Shahadat Hossain has taken the decision. The committee has prepared recommendations which will be placed before the commission soon, he said.

The committee has also recommended NID wing of EC to operate the task experimentally. If it becomes successful, then the commission will start it at upazila level across the country, he added. “If it is approved, the commission will start the process on a trial basis. The EC will collect information of one year old children. Those who complete six years, the commission will take their finger print and iris,” the official said.

After providing smart card, when they will turn 18 the commission will enlist their name in the voter list. Currently, the EC is providing NID or smart cards for 18 and older citizens. Below 18 years old, they are facing many difficulties for not having NID or smart card. EC officials said NID cards are required for at least 22 types of services, including passport, banking, driving licence, trade licence and share trading. In future, it would be required for getting many more services. At present, the EC is collecting information of 14 years old citizens. When they turn 18, the commission will enlist their name in the voter list and provide NID or smart cards.

The smart card will have 32 types of basic information of a citizen implanted in its microchip, an official said. The commission started providing smart card to the citizens instead of the national identity card in phases since October 3, 2016. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the smart card activities.