‘Sky’s the limit,’ says world record breaker McLaughlin

Published : 23 Jul 2022 08:03 PM

World record breaker Sydney McLaughlin warned that "the sky's the limit" after smashing her 400m hurdles record on Friday, but then hinted that she could well switch disciplines.

The American clocked an astonishing 50.68 seconds for gold at Hayward Field, obliterating her own world record by more than half a second. But questions were immediately posed about a potential switch, with McLaughlin insiting all would come down to what plan her renowned coach Bobby Kersee might hatch. 

"Bobby and I have talked about possibly looking at other events," McLaughlin admitted.

"But I don't know if that's going to happen. I think we're going to just figure it out at the end of the season ... if we want to switch events or stay with the 400m hurdles."

Asked whether a switch might be to the 400m flat, McLaughlin said: "I think anything's possible... but I leave it in the hands of my coach, Bobby. "My coach thinks there's a lot more to be done," she said. "The sky's the limit for sure."

The 22-year-old looked stunned as she hared through the line in front of a partisan, baying crowd.

"I was just trying to process the lactic acid!" she said of the several moments she spent in quiet reflection in the mayhem all around her.

"I was just taking a moment to really just enjoy what I did. So many times the race goes by and you forget what happens. I really just wanted to sit there for a moment and soak it all in before getting into the craziness of what follows that."